Blade Master
Blade Master-large
Description Destroy an enemy with the ultimate weapon of light
Game Arcanists
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 200 Orb Coins 2 Orb Coins 2

The achievement requires killing an opponent using a Paladin riding on a Pegasus.

There are two ways to achieve this achievement, both resulting in the same outcome. The first of these requires a friend, the second requires any opponent.

With a friend, the achievement can be achieved by teamwork:
1) Both players skip turns until the Pegasus and Paladin spells are available.

2) The player achieving the achievement summons both a Paladin and a Pegasus, making the Paladin ride the Pegasus.

3) The player achieving the achievement kills the opponent with the Paladin, WHILE the Paladin is riding on the Pegasus.

Fighting random players, the outcome has to be the same, but the opponents health will have to be lowered until they can be killed by Paladin a riding on a Pegasus . Using full Overlight might be an advantage.

In the case that a nonmember wishes to achieve the achievement, it would require a teammate with the Paladin and Pegasus spells. The procedure is the same, but would require using the teammate's Paladin riding on a Pegasus to kill an opponent.

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