A familiar can be summoned if you take all the spells from the corresponding book. For example, if you use the entire Book of Flame you can use the Harpy Flame familiar. To use the familiar costs health, in increments of 20.

Icon Familiar Book Ability
Familiar - Harpy Flame
Harpy Flame Flame Each level increases the damage of your flame spells by 10% over the base damage.
Pet Rock
Pet Rock Stone Each level reduces damage taken for each hit to you or your minions by 1. The familiar never gives immunity to damage, no matter how small. Examples: a single shot such as Fireball would be reduced from 50 to 45 with a level 5 Pet Rock; multiple shots such as Thunder Shock would be reduced from 5 to 1 each, so the total damage would only be 10.
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud Storm Each level increases the damage of your Thunder Shock by 10% over the base damage and decreases the recharge time for Storm by one turn. Also increases the potential damage of your Conductor Rod.
Frost Sprite
Frost Sprite Frost Increases the jumping ability of you and your minions. It also makes water you stand on freeze, turning your health into ice platforms in increments of 5 health; you do not have to put points into your Sprite in order to use this effect.
Soul Jar Underdark As with other familiars, you use it by paying 20 health points per level, which you can do up to 5 times. If you die then you will respawn in the Jar's location with 20 health points for each level of familiar, and the familiar will be reset to level 0. This does not, however, reset the count of 5 uses. If the Jar falls into the water it will still work, but you will be summoned in water and have to use your turn to teleport out of it.

The Soul Jar will not work if:

the user is killed by Light damage or the Sphere of Healing
the user dies while in water (the finishing blow must knock the opponent into the water)

The Soul Jar is the only familiar that doesn't follow you, instead remaining where you were when you last increased its level. The only way to move it is to use it again in a different location, as long as all 5 uses have not been used.

Familiar - Cherub
Cherub Overlight Each time it is charged, it allows the player to gain 1 health worth of shield (similar to the Protection Shield spell) per turn, up to 5 health per turn when charged to Level 5.
Fungus Nature Increases the size of Thorn and Vine Bombs and increases the number of arrows fired by Elves.
Seahorse Seas Allows you and your minions to swim on water, and reduces damage taken when hit with a fresh water spell (Water Ball, Deluge, English Summer). Level 5 gives complete damage immunity from these three spells.
The Timpiece Familiar for the Book Of Cogs
Time Boost Cogs Allows you to have an extra 6 seconds per turn per level.

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