Monster Feast
Monster Feast-large
Description Use barbarians, werewolves, skeletons, necromancers and no other units to win a Rated game during Hallowe'en.
Game Armies of Gielinor
Members? Yes Seasonal? Halloween 2009
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 200 Orb Coins 5 Orb Coins 5

This achievement is easier to obtain when playing on a small Misthalin map with 30s turns and regular game length. This reduces the chance of the opponent being able to field their higher cost minions, which would otherwise cause difficulties. If you play with equipment make sure to use ones that will REALLY help turn the tide of the match.

It is possible to defend against weaker flying types with Werewolves, like the Falcon and Saradomin Owl, as long as it has 9+ strength versus a 5- strength flier (since melee-types can retaliate against melee-fliers while defending). You can use them to block your Barbarians from being attacked for a turn (if 1 turn is all you need).

Note: Necromancer's summoned Skeleton does NOT count. You must summon an individual Skeleton from your portal and move it and/or attack with it.

This achievement is worth 5 coins. [citation needed]

This achievement can only be earned during the Halloween holiday.

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