Map Tactics Comments
Icy wastes small 1

Guthix and flyers are the only useful units. Do not fixate on tower in the centre - the 2 towers in the corners are just as important.

Blue can reach a house in 1 move from portal whereas Red takes 2 moves. Blue is also closer to the central tower by 1 move point and also virtue of having 1st move.

Red is closer to the tower in the top right corner, and can take it if determined and ruthless enough.

A very crowded map.
Icy wastes small 2

Blue can get to tower over river with a boosted chief in 2 turns from portal.

Red can get to central portal with a barbarian in 2 moves.

Central portal is a game winner if you can take it. Do not forget villages in corners by towers.

Relatively open
Icy wastes small 3

Village right in centre is easier for Blue to get to, although Red can get an archer there to kill the barbarian/chief if they build it on T2.

Tower attracts a lot of attention - boosted locusts are useful in the forest.

Icy wastes small 4 Blue can get to 1st village along road before Red can stop them. Similar to one of the Misthalin maps and similarly biased for Blue. A lot more open than the description of Frozen wastes implies.
Icy wastes small 5 Both sides should send boosted barbarians to villages across the river ASAP, and chief to nearest tower. Balanced, and a lot more open than the description of Frozen wastes implies.
Icy wastes small 6 Use lots of Guthix, and do not ignore the neutral portals - taking one of them often wins the game.

This is the best small map of them all.

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