Map Tactics Comments

Almost all the structures are in the center.If you can get a portal mage and a barbarian down there,you will win easily.An ourg will help a lot as it can shorten the path by flattening the mountains separating you from the center.

If playing a free player,send a falcon onto the tower in the center.To defeat the falcon,the free player will have to send a dagganoth,aviansie or better flying unit down there,costing a lot of mana.Do not do anything with the falcon.Try to send half of your forces to each set of villages.If you can take control of and keep both towns,you will be able to send assaults from both sides.It will be very hard for your enemy to defend.
The portal in the center is a very important resource.Inexperienced players may go for the two towers instead.If this is the case,just send your chief or even a regular barbarian to capture the portal.If the player tries to take the center portal,send out amphibious and flying(maybe even a ranger or mage) to stop him.Try to capture the towers as well for the mana boost.Portal mages on both sides help a lot when attacking the other portal,although if you are a member and have control of the center portal portal mages become less neccesary.
Because of the swamp in the middle,flying units become very important.(The ourg is also quite helpful athugh may not be worth the 800 mana as your opponent will probably have a number of the towers before you can summon it.)The key is to stop your opponent capturing any tower while trying to capture some yourself.(Of course,this is the key to nearly every map.)
This map doesn't really have any special tactics.The sea around the center doesn't neccesarily make an advantage for any unit.Capturing the center(or at least occupying it) provides a massive advantage,especially with a portal mage in it.You may want to send a portal mage on the same side the enemy portal is on for easy flying assaults.Beware though,as if the portal mage moves too close a gnomecopter may be able to kill from the portal.It's best to stay 13 squares away from the portal(at 12 a centaur may kill the portal mage),or 12 is playing a free player

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