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Aog Menaphite Pantheon
The Menaphite pantheon consists of the gods Tumeken, Elidinis, Icthlarin, Amascut the Devourer, Het, Apmeken, Crondis and Scabaras.

The Menaphite Pantheon and all of its units are member's only.

Armies of Gielinor gods
Neutral Saradomin Zamorak Guthix Seren Bandos Menaphite Pantheon
Image Class Name Cost (Runes) Level Speed Strength Range Cost (Mana) Description
AoG Skirmish
Jackal Free 1 6 15 1 150 Creatures that thrive in the harsh desert are typically scavengers, and jackals are the prime example of this. They are often found in the outskirts of deserted cities, living off the scraps left by the city's inhabitants.
Menaphite Thug
AoG Warrior
Menaphite Thug Free 1 6 10 1 100 The desert town of Pollnivneach has the tendency to attract the worst elements of society, not least of which are the thuggish thieves from Menaphos. They'll not give a second thought to taking a cosh to the back of your head, and stealing all of your worldly goods.
AoG Skirmish
Crocodile Free 1 3 20 1 200 An amphibious warrior-beast.

All along the banks of the River Elid, and in the swamplands to the desert's south-east, you will find crocodiles basking in the hot sun of the Kharidian Desert. Don't be fooled by their placid demeanor, though; if you get too close they'll take a bite out of you.
Bedabin Nomad
AoG Ranger
Bedabin Nomad Free 2 6 20 2-3 200 The Bebadin are a nomadic people, traveling through the desert and surviving on what little it provides. This tough lifestyle has made them a hardy people. They also possess the secret of making darts, a deadly thrown weapon.
AoG Flying
Locust 8 2 7 10 1 200 A flying, poisonous insect.

Locusts are as deadly and pitiless as the desert itself, and swarms of these creatures have the ability to completely destroy crops in a very short space of time. Some have even been known to grow the size of a small camel.
Warrior of Icthlarin
AoG Warrior
Warrior of Icthlarin 8 2 6 25 1 250 These warriors are devout followers of Icthlarin, god of life and death. Icthlarin is worshiped both for caring for the living and for guiding the dead to the afterlife. His warriors uphold their god's values, and take their ceremonial duties particularly seriously.
AoG Warrior
Mummy Free 3 3 35 1 300 A tough, walking, rotting, poisonous weapon.

A mummy is the animated remains of a Menaphite who has been entombed in the proper ceremonial manner. The body's owner has long since departed for the afterlife, but the mummy carries on, protecting the burial places of the dead from grave-robbers.
Scabarite Mage
AoG Mage
Scabarite Mage 12 3 4 30 3-5 450 A mage with poisoning magic.

The followers of the lesser desert god Scarabas long ago twisted their form to become insect-like in appearance. They have a preference for isolation, but still know how to handle unwanted company.
AoG Helper
Sphinx Free 4 6 25 1 350 A beast that can invade an adjacent unit's mind, giving you control of it.

Sphinxes are strange, chimeric creatures that speak in riddles, which allows them to beguile any enemy units that get close enough to hear them.
AoG Helper
Kalphite Queen 16 4 3 50 1 600 Surrounded by insects that inhibit the movement of units crossing them.

The Kalphite Queen rules over the rest of her hive. A hive mind has great strength, and unwary warriors can be overwhelmed by her workers, soldiers, and guardians as they swarm to and cover the area around her.
Elemental of Elidinis
AoG Titan
Elemental of Elidinis 20 5 3 45 1 700 When moved a distance of one map tile from a river or sea map tile onto open ground, it converts the open ground into a river.

These are the elementals of Elidinis, the desert goddess of water. They have the ability to create water, which allows them to maintain the River Elid, among other things.