Coup de Grease
Coup de Grease-large
Description Kill three or more creatures in one action
Game Bachelor Fridge
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? Yes Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 500 Orb Coins 5 Orb Coins 5

Shoving the creatures into pits does not count towards the kill count for this achievement.

A good way to achieve this would be a special attack such as Homing Missile, The easiest is to line up 3 Nukas (or any creatures with less than 100 health) then bananaranging them. For a free player it is trickier: You need a lucky opponent formation and use swipe, jump, goo dart or any other basic attack capable of hitting multiple opponents.

Alternatively, if you feel that you do not have much to lose, you can kill your own creatures for the achievement.

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