Loonituna is the only fish creature an F2p has. Because of that, Loonituna is the only creature free players can use for the achievment A Bit Fishy. As loonituna is quite weak, that achievement is arguably the hardest for free players to get. Loonituna Learns all three levels of the swipe and poo bomb groups, lob, swap and switch, curse attack and confuse, and mushroom of doom. Its special moves are martyr and cat attack, both of which can be learned by other creatures.



Tuna (1.50)
First Move


Free players: Loonituna is not recommended for f2p, because it can only use melee range attacks. Although swipe is the only move which can hit diagonally, Loonituna's weak attack does it no favors. Its main use is to manipulate the opponent by using swap moves, and make them lose control over their movement, thus allowing your heavy hitters to move in. It is the only creature in F2p that learns Curse Attack and the only one besides Mootilator with Confuse. Choose Confuse over Curse Attack, as random movement can send the affected creature into a pit unless its controller does not move it at all, while a small reduction in damage output is not crippling to any creature. Against other free players, you might have a chace if they rely too heavily on shiskamojo and porcinator, but anything faster will usually beat you. Against members, free tuna cannot do much, although if they underestimate it or have bad luck while confused you might stand a chance.

Members: Although Loonituna is still weak, members have acess to quite a few interesting moves. First of all, it can deal 60 damage with haymaker, and hit longrange targets with lob. Although status moves (other than poke and arriba) are pretty weak, Loonituna lacks anything better, so you might as well try. Swap is still there, and can be easier to use with something on your team to arriba the fish up to 4 speed. Although neither of its specials are amazing, both have their uses and should not be discounted. Diving poo bomb is one of the most powerfull moves in the game, but it takes so long to charge that you will not get many off. All in all, Loonituna is Difficult to use, and not too threatoning, but it is certainly far from useless.


  • It is the fastest F2p user of swap and, and as nothing with over 3 speed gets swap, the fastest overall, tied with sherpork bones.
  • Its arms and legs are most commonly seen in maxed out F2p creatures. The Ringer, Sporticus, Fromagizer, and Ecola can all use Loonituna's arms and legs.

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