The OOOzze has powerful lobbing and healing abilities, the latter what it is famous for. It has high Flingstuff, and is a very useful medic. The OOOzze also has poking abilities, but because it has only 3 speed, it is not as effective. The OOOzze can also use Wax, a very useful protecting spell. It also can use the Special Split Personalities, which is useful for an achievment and for more creatures. However, with slower speed and no moving attacks The OOOzze can be quite vulnerable. This is a popular members creature. This creature sometimes mistaken for being a female creature, but as the ingame description says, The OOOzze is a male. It's lob attacks match the Grey Earl's damage.

The OOOZzze

The OOOZzze

Tofu (5.00)
First Move
Total Cost for Max


"The OOOZzze is a subtle creature, and a lover of balance and calm. Most of the time. Every now and then, he flips and turns into a lumpy loony, causing trouble for those around him and cackling manically. It's all a little bit oood."

Foods for Maxing (In Order)Edit

Chicken, Glowstick, Chinese Takeaway, Cake, Mince Pie, Energy Drink, Pork Pie/Kebab, Sausage, Tofu, Sushi, Burger, Open Beer, Tuna

It is recommended to buy Pork Pie before you buy the Kebab, as if the OOOZzze does eat it, you will have saved 50p.


  • Despite the Achievement Don't Put That in Your Mouth, Tofu is a food and thus you can put it in your mouth.
  • In the Game, The OOOZzze is spelt like so, however in the Orb Downloads for Bachelor Fridge, it is spelt as 'The Ooze' when buying ' The Ooze Icon.'

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