The Ringer is the only f2p creature to learn First Aid. For this reason, it is extremely popular. It can also do a 40 damage Lob attack, and can Jump to attack or escape. It can also use tickle to keep itself safe from 1 speed creatures, such as a porcinator. It also learns run, but as the only good move to use during the movement phase is walk, this is almost never seen in games. For members, it learns chuck and hurl, Leap (generally inferior to jump, as the extra damage and range to not justify the longer charging time), push and shove, sprint and crash cart. It is the only creature able to use doughnut of doom, a strange move which hits 40 damage to all creatures in a 1 square radius, this is only usefull when being piled by 1 square attackers who use 1 square attacks (Punch, Swipe (Which does 3 but only one away))

The Ringer

BF The Ringer

Doughnut (2.00)
First move
Cost for Max

Foods for Maxing (In Order)Edit

Sushi/Tuna, Energy Drink, Cake, Caviar, Glowstick, Cereal, Jam, Cheddar, Kebab, Open Beer, Baked Beans, Energy Drink, Doughnut.


Free Players: The Ringer is a healer, with a side order of ranged damage. It is very good, being able to hit hard at longrange, and even hit at melee range with jump. Jump allows it to hit creatures which are not perfectly lined up with its lob. It is also able to heal your creatures, something which can swing games.

Members: There are a couple of better healers, but nothing gets its combination of jump, lob and healing. OOOOZE is generally better, with higher speed/health, 50 damage lob, and poke, but jump allows ringer to hit ooze when it cannot be hit back. Rashermon is outdamaged and outranged by lob, and tropicarnage ties in speed, allowing you to potentially shove it away before taking a hit. The doughnut lacks any competetive special moves. Ringer is a good creature, despite narrowly outclassed, and it might fit your playstyle better than the more commony seen alternatives.


  • Ringer is used for the achievement Generalist, as it is the only creature able to use Doughnut of doom.

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