Genre Action
Release October 8, 2008
Multi-player Yes

Brick-À-Brac is a multiplayer Action game released on October 8, 2008. A single-player game mode is also provided.

Single Player

The single player mode consists of 60 levels: 30 "Basic Bricks" levels and 30 "Brick Extension" levels. The player can start play at any unlocked level, and each level unlocks on completion of the previous level. The player starts with 3 lives, but can gain more by collecting extra life power-ups.


Outerspace (link)
Space theme.

Brick-À-Brac is in the Breakout genre, and the basic gameplay consists of bouncing a ball which destroys bricks and ensuring it doesn't fall past a paddle at the bottom of the playing area. There are various special bricks, some of which are indestructible. A level is completed by destroying all bricks which can be destroyed.

In general, bricks with an icon on them count towards power-ups; the number of bricks of that icon which must be collected for the corresponding power-up varies. When a ball hits the last brick needed for the power-up, it falls to the bottom of the screen and must be collected with the paddle. It is not always possible to collect the power-up without losing the ball. If a player collects a positive powerup in a multiplayer game, and loses the ball, the powerup does not apply to the new ball. An example of this would be when a player collects a multiball powerup, then loses the ball - the multiball powerup would not affect the new ball by splitting it into eight balls.

After hitting a certain amount of bricks or the wall, or on collecting the Charge power-up, the ball becomes "charged": it radiates a white glow and is surrounded by a blue circle. When the ball is charged, pressing the space bar or up arrow will detonate it and destroy the bricks within the circle. Power-up bricks destroyed in this way do not count towards the power-up. For example, if you had already hit four 'strong' power-up bricks, and used a detonation on the last 'strong' brick, the power-up would not fall down, since you used a detonation on it.


Players gain 10 points for the first brick hit after launching the ball, and any subsequent hit gives 10+(n-1) points, where n is the number of bricks that has been hit after leaving the paddle. Also, any bricks destroyed from a detonation give 2(n+5) points.

Players also gain 100 points for collecting a positive power-up, and 500 for collecting a negative power-up.


From Paris to Berlin (link)
City theme.

The bricks in Level 1 don't count toward any achievements or highscores if you have the tutorial on. Normally, it does. If you complete the tutorial, the tutorial will turn off and the bricks in level 1 will count toward achievements and highscores.

Before the update on the 16th of April, 2009, only levels 1-5 of the Basic Bricks were available to non-members. After the update, all the levels from Basic Bricks became available to all players.

The Brick Extension is members-only.

Basic Bricks

BaB Standard Bricks
Level Image Name Bricks Total
The Wall 77 77
Diamond 73 150
The Iron Man 72 222
Hyperspace 86 308
The Claw 108 416
Driller 136 552
Aisle Switch 86 638
Steppes 75 713
Terror Phoenix 101 814
Tele-vators 25 839
Wizardly 157 996
Carousel 31 1027
Gingerbread 105 1132
Brains... Brains... 102 1234
Diablo 69 1303
Here Be Dragons 128 1431
Lava Indeed Hot 126 1557
Break In 95 1652
In the Summertime 83 1735
Ribbit 164 1899
Round and Round 26 1925
Zombie? 128 2053
Hamster's Ball 170 2223
Teleswitch 76 2299
No Fly Zone 114 2413
Avast! 144 2557
The Other Side 38 2595
DOS Box 27 2622
Big'n'small 78 2700
Switch Me Up 45 2745

Brick Extension

BaB Brick Extension
Level Image Name Bricks Total
Spray Bow 91 91
Ninja! 76 167
Volumetric 117 284
Sk8r B0i 50 334
05 Astral Splinter 81 415
06 Kiwi of DOOM 123 538
07 Funnels 81 619
08 Sharp Retort 120 739
09 Lille Fisk 104 843
10 Sneako 131 974
11 Her Majesty 126 1100
12 Passive 108 1208
13 Yarrrrrr! 178 1386
14 Choo, Choo!
15 Bounce Back 116
16 Chaos 49
17 Break a Brick
18 Two Halves
19 Miniboss
20 Missile Lock!
21 1000
22 Ahoy, Landlubbers!
23 Spin Cycle
24 Into the Breach
25 Scorpinox
26 Slave-42
27 X Marks The Spot
28 Dragon Whelp
29 Paths
30 Self Assembly

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, you must either complete all of the levels in the match, or "lap" the other player. In an infinite level game, the only way of winning is "lapping" all the other players.

To "lap" someone, destroy bricks quickly. The heads around your playing window represent players. If one player overtakes another one there for 10 seconds, the overtaken player is out the game. It is possible to be in second place in a 3+ player game and lose this way.

You do not have to win to earn rating in Brick-À-Brac. The rating you earn or lose depends on your original rating compared to the other players, and which position you end up in. In a 5 - player game, it is possible for the player who came second to lose rating, and the player who came third gain some, but this is due to their original rating. The player who came first doesn't always earn rating. [1]


In single-player mode, all power-ups always affect the player, though negative power-ups give 500 points while positive power-ups only give 100. In multi-player mode, positive power-ups affect the player who collected them and negative power-ups affect their opponent(s). As mentioned earlier, every power-up has its own required amount of breaks to get it to spawn. Using the plasma ball to break power-ups will NOT count towards the required amount of hits. Additionally, any breaks follow you to the next round, so if you got 3 "Strong" power-up breaks, those 3 breaks count in the next round where the strong power-up is present.

Losing your ball cancels active power-ups, but not the breaks.

Image Name Type Breaks to Spawn Description Notes
Confuse Negative 5 Reverses the paddle's controls. Getting two of this power-up will turn your controls back to normal.
Strong Positive 5 Balls destroy bricks without bouncing. Once your ball hits the paddle again, then the ball will become normal again.
1-UP Positive 10 An extra life. This power-up will never appear in multi-player mode.
Blind Negative 5 Distorts your screen. This power-up does not distort your screen too much. As long as you are concentrated on the ball, then it won't affect you as much. Wears off after about a minute or so.
Shrink Negative 2 Makes your paddle shorter. After being hit with this power-up a few times, your paddle will not shrink anymore.
Accelerate Negative 2 Hitting the paddle increases the ball's velocity. Can cause mayhem when combined with Speed Up.
Wipe Out Negative 2 Cancels out any positive power-ups. This power-up will also cause your plasma charge to drop entirely.
Multiball Positive 5 Splits your ball into eight balls. This power-up will not work if you have two or more balls in play.
Speed Up Negative 2 Increases the speed of any ball in play. This power-up increases the ball's velocity more than Accelerate.
Aftertouch Positive 10 Flight control. The ball will follow the movement of the paddle.
Speed Down Both* 2 Decreases the speed of any ball in play. *This power-up is positive in single-player, but negative in multiplayer.
Sticky Positive 5 Any balls that hit the paddle stick to it. After a certain amount of time, balls that hit the paddle do not stick to it. Can be seen as negative because it resets progress towards getting a charged ball.
Weak Negative 2 Your ball will be unable to destroy any bricks. This power-up can actually be helpful if used properly: if the ball becomes solid in the middle of a large block of bricks. However, the ball sometimes respawns back at the paddle if it cannot bounce.
Build Negative 5 Adds a row of bricks to the top of the level. Collect 10 of these power-ups in Rated Games to earn the Master Builder Achievement.
Grow Positive 2 Makes your paddle longer. This power-up can only be effective so many times in a row. After that you paddle will not grow any further.
Charge Positive 10 Instantly charges the ball. This power-up will not work if the ball is already charged.


Total Achievements: 42
Total Orb Coins: 156
Total Orb Points: 15600
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
And Still You Did Not Learn And Still You Did Not Learn

Collect 10 negative power-ups in a row.

200 2 No BE
Another Brick in the Wall Another Brick in the Wall

Score 30,000 points.

300 3 No AH
Blow Our House Down Blow Our House Down

Build up 3 victories against FunOrb Moderators.

500 5 No AS
Bounce Master Junior Bounce Master Junior

Bounce any ball 30 times without it touching the paddle.

200 2 No AJ
Bounce Master Senior Bounce Master Senior

Bounce any ball 60 times without it touching the paddle.

500 5 No AK
Brick Assassin Brick Assassin

Destroy 350 bricks without losing a life.

200 2 No AB
Brick Crusher Brick Crusher

Destroy 1,000 bricks without losing a life.

500 5 No BM
Brick Destroyer Brick Destroyer

Destroy 100 bricks without losing a life.

100 1 No AA
Brick Me (Baby) One More Time Brick Me (Baby) One More Time

Place 1st 5 Rated games in a row.

300 3 No AO
Brick Slayer Brick Slayer

Destroy 750 bricks without losing a life.

300 3 No AC
Brickicide Brickicide

Complete 10 levels without collecting positive power-ups.

200 2 No BC
Bricking It Bricking It

Gain Rating in 10 Rated games in a row.

500 5 No AM
Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace

Destroy a total of 15,000 bricks in Rated games.

100 1 No BL
Chip Away at the Stone Chip Away at the Stone

Complete 10 levels in one play-through.

300 3 No AD
Chip Off the Old Brick Chip Off the Old Brick

Gain Rating in 25 Rated games in a row.

1000 10 No AN
Brick-À-Brac Comeback Kid Comeback Kid

Recover from 'Panic!' (flashing red) during a rated game, then go on to win.

300 3 No AZ
Covent Garden Covent Garden

Destroy a total of 100 bricks in Rated games.

100 1 No BH
Crazy Fool Crazy Fool

Win a Rated game without collecting any power-ups.

500 5 No BB
Dry Stone Wall Dry Stone Wall

Complete 20 levels without losing a life.

500 5 No AU
Expert Brickster Expert Brickster

Get 2 levels ahead of the player chasing you, in a Rated Game.

500 5 No AX
Fierce Brickster Fierce Brickster

Get 1 level ahead of the player chasing you, in a Rated Game.

300 3 No AW
Follow the Yellow Brick Road Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Score 60000 points.

500 5 No AI
Ghost in the Brick Ghost in the Brick

Use the Weak power-up 5 times in online multiplayer games, in one session during Halloween.

200 2 No BO
Glutton for Punishment Glutton for Punishment

Collect 5 negative power-ups in a row.

100 1 No BD
Gone with the Brick Gone with the Brick

Place first 10 rated games in a row.

1000 10 No AP
It's So Easy It's So Easy

Collect 5 positive power-ups in a row.

100 1 No BF
Marble Arch Marble Arch

Destroy a total of 500 bricks in Rated games.

100 1 No BI
Master Brickster Master Brickster

Get 3 levels ahead of the player chasing you, in a Rated Game.

1000 10 No AY
Master Builder Master Builder

Use the Build power-up 10 times in Rated games.

500 5 No AL
Nelson's Column Nelson's Column

Destroy a total of 2,500 bricks in Rated games.

100 1 No BJ
Reluctant Charger Reluctant Charger

Win a Rated game using the plasma ball once, and only once, per level.

200 2 No BA
Rentabrick Rentabrick

Complete any level after the first with the Halloween background.

100 1 No AQ
Romancing the Brick Romancing the Brick

Score 135,000 points.

1000 10 Yes BN
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Destroy one brick for each colour of a rainbow, in order, without using the plasma ball.

500 5 No AVM
Stone Circle Stone Circle

Reach level 15.

100 1 No AF
Stone Cold Crazy Stone Cold Crazy

Complete 10 levels without losing a life.

300 3 No AT
Stone Destroyer Stone Destroyer

Complete 30 levels without losing a life.

1000 10 No AV
Stone Idol Stone Idol

Complete 25 levels in one play-through.

500 5 No AE
Stone Mason Stone Mason

Complete the game.

300 3 No AG
The House That Jack Built The House That Jack Built

Defeat a FunOrb Moderator or someone who has this Achievement.

300 3 No AR
Too Much of a Good Thing Too Much of a Good Thing

Collect 10 positive power-ups in a row.

200 2 No BG
Tower of London Tower of London

Destroy a total of 5,000 bricks in Rated games.

100 1 No BK
All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.



  • Achievement "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" is a reference to Wizard of Oz
  • Achievement "Another Brick in the Wall" is a reference to Pink Floyd's song Another Brick in the Wall
  • Achievement "Gone with the Brick" is a reference to Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind
  • Achievement "Brick Me (Baby) One More Time" is a reference to Britney Spear's song and album [Hit Me]...Baby One More Time
  • Achievement "The House That Jack Built" is a reference to the English nursery rhyme of the same name.
  • Achievement "Romancing the Brick" is a reference to the movie "Romancing the Stone"
  • Achievement "Stone Cold Crazy' is a reference to the Queen song of the same name.
  • Achievement "Somewhere Over the Rainbow' is a reference to the Harold Arlen song of the same name.
  • On the 16th of April 2009, Brick-À-Brac became fully available to free players along with Deko Bloko. However, on the 28th of May 2009, a new extension for single players, brick extension, was added, which can only be accessed by members.
  • This game has many levels referring to other FunOrb games like Zombie Dawn, Wizard Run and Orb Defence.
  • One level of the Brick Extension, titled Slave-42, is a reference to the game Steel Sentinels. The Brick Extension was added four months before Steel Sentinels was released.
  • Another level of the Brick Extension, titled Astral Splinter, is a reference to the Funorb game Stellar Shard.
  • The Strong power-up looks like a Superman symbol, the Weak power-up is a mirrored Strong power-up.

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