This category is for templates that identify, organize, or otherwise affect images uploaded to the Wiki.

To put a template in Category:Image wiki templates:

  • Include <noinclude>[[Category:Image wiki templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude> in the template. The <noinclude></noinclude> section is necessary, to prevent all articles that transclude the template from being inadvertently placed in the same category as the template. The |{{PAGENAME}} is necessary, so that the templates in Category:Image wiki templates are sorted alphabetically by the actual template names, instead of everything being lumped under "T" for "Template:".
  • If your template is meant to be used inline (meaning in the middle of a line or table row, for example, instead of in a paragraph or section on its own), make sure that there are no newlines after </noinclude>. If there are, it could add extra unwanted spacing to tables, bulleted and numbered lists, and similar formatting constructs. Ideally, your template article should look like the following:
<includeonly><!-- All of your template code goes here. --></includeonly><noinclude>
<!-- All of your template documentation and information goes here. -->

[[Category:Category name here|{{PAGENAME}}]]
  • A template can be put into as many categories as it logically should belong to. Include one [[Category:...|{{PAGENAME}}]] line for each appropriate category. No template should be placed directly into Category:Templates.
  • If Category:Image wiki templates is not the best category for your template, return to Category:Templates and select a better one, or create a new category there if no good category exists. If you do create a new category, the description of that category should be just Template:Templatecategory. Refer to that page for further instructions.


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