Puzzle games are like the legendary Rubik's Cube in that they usually involve the moving around of pieces, solving intellectual challenges, deciphering encoded or obscured secrets, and many more difficult things, often in a race against the clock.

This page contains descriptions and listings of all FunOrb puzzle games in alphabetical order.

Available Game Genres
All - Action - Platform - Puzzle - Racing - Shooter - Sport - Strategy - Word

Descriptions of Puzzle Games Edit

Game Title Game Description
Crazy Crystals thumbnail
Crazy Crystals
A popular style of puzzle games in online game collections, dig through dirt and let gravity do its thing while trying to collect crystals buried between giant boulders that think the top of your head is a much more comfortable resting place. Spiders are a particular hazard: Those of you with arachnophobia had better take your pills first!

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Deko Bloko thumbnail
Deko Bloko
If you like Tetris, you'll love Deko Bloko. Arrange loose pieces of two shapes, and once you've got four together, they'll transform into new blocks, as solid as Tetris blocks! Eliminate them again using the same loose blocks to avoid cluttering your space. Also, there are many special pieces littered around to make it just that little bit better. Try out frantic multiplayer games of up to 8 players, where your solid shapes go to your opponents to help end your competition!

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Flea Circus thumbnail
Flea Circus
Shades of Lemmings, the poor little dears. This time, instead of teaching your nibblets to do neat tricks, you build ramps and platforms for your miniature acrobats, to their delight (at not dying, most likely). Save enough fleas' lives and your circus stays in business for another week. Perhaps the back of a dog would be a safer place to stay?

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Geoblox thumbnail
Is it a berry? Is it a bubble? Is it De Blob? No! It's a planet, and its gravity is pulling all the solar system's debris in to it. Better spin yourself a merry little dance before you build up so much that you turn into a black hole!

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Lexicominos thumbnail
Similar to Tetris, assemble words in rows or columns by moving and rotating falling blocks made of letters with ever-increasing speed. Let the blocks stack gibberish too high, and it's time to panic!

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Monkey Puzzle 2 thumbnail
Monkey Puzzle 2
Dratted monkeys! Drop the little pests to the forest floor by firing bubbles crossbow-style at their precarious perches. Fans of Puzzle Bobble (Bust-A-Move) will do well here. Try it and see just how good your aim really is.

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Pixelate thumbnail
Imagine playing a game of Tetris. Then imagine playing multiple simultaneous games of Tetris stacked behind each other. Then imagine doing it from above. Brain hurt yet? Now, instead of stacking the blocks to make rows, the blocks are coloured and you have to stack them in a pre-determined pattern. And that's just level one...

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The Track Controller thumbnail
The Track Controller
When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It's a race against time to slide pieces of toy railroad track together in architectural nightmares that really need good floor moppings. "A twisted mess" doesn't half do it justice.

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Thirty-Six Card Trick thumbnail
Thirty-Six Card Trick
The wild, wild West meets Concentration in this crazy picture-matching game of memory and reflexes. And just when you think you've got it, the sneaky little varmints two-step on you!

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Transmogrify thumbnail
Similar to Scrabble, try to make single-word anagrams as quickly as you can out of random sequences of letters in ten hectic rounds of play. Long words, short words, anagrams of anagrams... It's a better trial of your reading comprehension than you might expect.

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