Shooter games are games that require you to fight a defined type of enemy, usually either from first person view, or a side/vertical scrolling battle. Each game is different, so each game needs to be treated differently.

This page contains descriptions and listings of all FunOrb shooter games in alphabetical order.

Available Game Genres
All - Action - Platform - Puzzle - Racing - Shooter - Sport - Strategy - Word

Descriptions of Shooter Games Edit

Game Title Game Description
Dr. Phlogiston Saves The Earth thumbnail
Dr. Phlogiston Saves The Earth
In the vein of Gradius but even more frantic, blast your way through the invading hordes of nasties and...well, save the Earth! But do us all a favor: Try to keep the property damage to a minimum.

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Hostile Spawn thumbnail
Hostile Spawn
Somewhere between Resident Evil and Wolfenstein, wade through hordes of enemy minions while gathering weapons and ammo, achieve mission goals in the defence of humanity, and generally just try to stay alive. What you leave may be as important as what you take.

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Sol-Knight thumbnail
Don't rock or you'll roll! While upgrading your weapons with each level you complete, defend the planet against the dinosaurs' demise by obliterating an incoming hurricane of asteroids, meteors, and random stellar debris. And increasing the planet's ambient temperature by a full degree from the atmospheric friction while burning up the dust. Marshmelons, anyone?

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StarCannon thumbnail
In the fine traditions of Galaga and Gradius, fly a simple ship with a single-shot shield through waves of intergalactic enemies with pulses, bullets, lasers, tracers, debris, shrapnel, and explosions, and collect enough powerups that you can barely see your targets through your own weapons' fire. This game can get your heart pumping quicker than any other game here.

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Stellar Shard thumbnail
Stellar Shard
Blast, nuke, beam, phase, and blow your way through stellar mine fields while collecting (or destroying) powerups along the way. Hope you studied up in Physics class.

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