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Strategy Games are games which require a strategy in order for you to win. These range from moving units or pieces to selecting what spell may suit the situation best.

This page contains descriptions and listings of all FunOrb strategy games in alphabetical order.

Available Game Genres
All - Action - Platform - Puzzle - Racing - Shooter - Sport - Strategy - Word

Descriptions of Strategy Games Edit

Game Title Game Description
Arcanists thumbnail
Nevermind the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Embrace your mystic side while battling for power and prestige. Gather the wands of your defeated foes to prove your might. Wield great magics in a duel to the death, emerge victorious, and you can bask in radiant glory...for now.

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Armies of Gielinor thumbnail
Armies of Gielinor
Command your various monsters from the world of RuneScape and use them to conquer Gielinor! You'll have units such as Barbarians, Zamorak Mages, and even a Pyrelord, but you'll need to choose which gods you'll follow, and which units to buy. Play in Runescape, on FunOrb.

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Bachelor Fridge thumbnail
Bachelor Fridge
Amass the rotting armies, and leave no block of cheese unturned. Thats right, command your mutated food items in battle upon the rotting pizza, deserts and curry you forgot about last holiday season. Use your creature`s untapped vengeance upon your enemies...just make sure not to mistreat the tofu too much.

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Chess thumbnail
Do you think you're channelling the ghost of Bobby Fischer? Turn off the TV, take a deep breath, and play a nice game of Chess against whomever you dare to take on. The true masters are not only good, but fast as well, and it takes deep wisdom to become a worldwide champion. Sometimes, winning is just a side effect of the true game.

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Dungeon Assault thumbnail
Dungeon Assault
Be 'ware of Smaug's fury! Your reputation amongst dragonkind is on the line as you raid others for treasure enough to afford strong and devious defenses for your own dungeon, as well as the ability to better raid everyone else. Just how long could it take to obtain 100 orb of wars for free Chaos Champions, anyway?

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Orb Defence thumbnail
Orb Defence
A game of strategic defence with awesome action elements, make offence your defence by stacking upgradeable weaponry around your orbs to hold off and vaporize the onrushing onslaught of the horrifying horde. Energy is your friend.

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Shattered Plans thumbnail
Shattered Plans
What some consider to be the game with the highest learning curve of any FunOrb game to date, and somewhat reminiscent of Spaceward Ho! (one of the Macintosh's most recognizeable games), command a military fleet of space-ships in a turn-based colonize-and-conquer interstellar simulation. This game takes more work and effort than some other games, but at the end of the day, you'll have gotten out of it everything that you've put into it, and more besides.

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Steel Sentinels thumbnail
Steel Sentinels
In the far future, rival forces do battle using giant robots, warring for control over the valuable solarite resources. As a sentinel commander, you must wage war on those who stand in your way, complete missions, win solarite, acquire new technology, and use it to make your sentinel the deadliest in the galaxy.

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Stellar Shard thumbnail
Stellar Shard
Blast, nuke, beam, phase, and blow your way through stellar mine fields while collecting (or destroying) powerups along the way. Hope you studied up in Physics class.

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TerraPhoenix thumbnail
So, humans finally got stupid enough to nuke each other into near-oblivion, and it's now your job to pick up the pieces (and hopefully not mutate in grossly-unexpected ways). Playing this game is fun, and hopefully it'll make you realize that a real nuclear war would end up being much fun as all that.

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TetraLink thumbnail
The Captain's Mistress, oh how that maid plundered me! (Wait...that's a different song. Sorry, Andre.) Play the classic four-in-a-row game for fun and profit. And biscuits. Sometimes the simplest games can be the most engaging.

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Virogrid thumbnail
The old Jagex game Slime Wars returns in a new guise.

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Void Hunters thumbnail
Void Hunters
Build the ultimate ship from discarded components and take on the universe for supremacy in a randomly generated battlefield.

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Zombie Dawn thumbnail
Zombie Dawn
Braaaaaaaaaains! You know you're in for some fun when you're dead at the beginning of the game instead of the end of it. Work your way through the urban sprawl of America straight into the nation's heart and take revenge against the oppressive meat popsicles of the world. Oh, yes, and try to stay dead.

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Zombie Dawn Multiplayer thumbnail
Zombie Dawn Multiplayer
So, you managed to take over the world with your undead hordes... What to do next? The humans are being consumed fast, and you need to race against the other overlords to herd the livestock - er, humans, that is - to feed your zombies. With various power-ups, you'll have to play dirty and try to kill - or, at least, destroy, - your enemies minions. It's zombie dawn, multi-player style!

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