Description Get five wing pods during Levels 13 to 16
Game Confined
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 100 Orb Coins Icon orbcoins 1

Wing pods can be first collected on level 5 and according to the 9th page of the instructions, they are awarded every four levels, or if you've lost or missed one.

To clarify what this means, the player can acquire an extra wing pod every four levels when an enemy alien drops the power-up (after the rock field level or boss level) if they have a wing pod and have not exceeded the maximum amount of five wing pods.

Since enemy aliens will continue to drop wing pods power-ups until the player has reached the limit set by each level, it is possible to go beyond the limit and acquire more wing pods than the level limits the player too. The limit only applies to wing pods drops and not collecting wing pods.

However, wing pods power-ups will no longer drop until the next 4th level if they player has reached or went beyond the number of wing pods limited by each level. Below are the limits for wing pods power-up drops based on each level.

  • 1 wing pod: Level 5* - Level 9*
  • 2 wing pods: Level - 9* - Level 13*
  • 3 wing pods: Level 13* - Level 16
  • 4 wing pods: Level 16 - Level 20
  • 5 wing pods: Level 20 - End

(* Levels actually mean the level before it, the rock field, but since there are no enemy aliens in these levels the wing pods cannot be obtained until after the rock field level)

Now, for the achievement, the easiest way to get five wing pods is to destroy enough enemy aliens for multiple wing pods drops and then collect the power-up attractor (magnet) power-up to collect the wing pods.Another way is to lose one wing pod below the limit of each level and then destroy enough aliens for multiple wing pods power-ups and then collect them.

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