Crazy Crystals
Genre Puzzle
Release 7 May 2008
Multi-player Hotseat

Crazy Crystals is a puzzle game on FunOrb released on 7 May 2008, and it marks the fifth major update since the release of FunOrb. Players must collect all the crystals on the level to progress to the next, which proves harder than it sounds, due to the various tiles in the game. The game has 1-player Puzzle mode, 2-player Puzzle mode, 3-player Puzzle mode and Arcade mode (1-player). Overall, including the multiplayer puzzles, the tutorial and the singleplayer levels, there are 117 levels.


A typical game of Crazy Crystals


Name Image Description Notes
Crystal Crystal2
This is a crystal. Crystals are good. Collect all the crystals to complete the level! Normal crystals get 10 points each, the crystal orbs get 100 points each.
This is a rock. You can push rocks. Rocks fall if they are unsupported. They also roll off curved edges and round objects. Occasionally you may need to push a rock while it is falling. Move out of the way to let it fall, and then push it. You must be quick! If you are supporting a rock, never walk down. It will fall on you.
This is a bomb. Bombs blow up when you drop them, they get crushed, or another bomb explodes nearby. Use them to clear the way. Stand back! Each bomb has a flame length, which can be discovered only by exploding it.
This is a log. You can break it by dropping a rock on it. Bombs can also break logs.
This is earth. Dig your way through it to get to the crystals. Earth acts like wall before you dig through it, so consider carefully in higher levels.
This is a teleport. Step on this square and you will be whisked away to another part of the level, provided there is room at the destination. Teleports do not just transport people. They are happy with anything that ends up sitting on them. Some teleports can only be used once, others a few times, before they die. Trial and error is needed to deduce the number of uses.
This is a key. When you collect a key, all the safes of the same colour will open. The safes usually contain crystals, so you'll probably need to open them to complete the level. Safes sometimes contain bombs, balls, rocks or other keys.
This is a safe. Look for a key. Safes open when you find a matching key. The safes usually contain crystals, so you'll probably need to open them to complete the level. Safes sometimes contain bombs, balls, rocks, other keys, or holes. Red safes usually contain bombs.
This is a spider. Spiders weave spider webs. If the spider is standing on the web, the web will spread. If you stand on the web the spider will hear you. Spiders are fast and very dangerous, your only chance is to unite it with a rock! Spiders can also be killed by falling rocks, bombs, bomb blasts and lasers.
Spider Web
Spider Web
There is a spider web here. Are there any spiders nearby? Spiders can only move on these webs, and only when you step on them.
Bouncy Ball
Bouncy Ball
This is a bouncy ball. Bouncy balls bounce back and forth. Do not stand in the way! You can run up against a bouncy ball safely, as long as it does not run into you. These can be redirected with mirrors.
Sticky Ball
Sticky Ball
This is a sticky ball. Sticky balls stick to walls and other obstacles, and roll around the level. Do not stand in the way! You can run up against a sticky ball safely, as long as it does not run into you. Sticky balls get disoriented if what they are stuck to moves or disappears. You can rescue a disoriented sticky ball by putting something in its path. When a sticky ball is disoriented, it tends to move around in circles of 2x2 squares.
This is a hole. Watch out! You can fall into holes - unless they have been filled. Any ball will fill this hole so you are able to walk over it, however, boulders are too big to fit inside.
This is a mirror. Mirrors reflect lasers and deflect bouncy balls. If a bouncy ball hits a mirror the mirror will change orientation.
Laser Hub
Laser Hub
This is a laser hub. It beams lasers in all directions. Be careful!
Laser Beam
Laser Beam
This is a laser beam. Do you wish to pass? You may be able to block it with something. Also destroys bombs and spiders Lasers travel across the level as fast as light. If you move something obstructing the laser out of the way you will not have time to avoid it.
Blue Player
Blue Player
This is one of you, and the only you in one player mode. You can make him move using the keys indicated above, which are the arrow keys in single player mode. All Modes (Player 1)
Green Player
Green Player
2-player or 3-player (Player 2)
Pink Player
Pink Player
3-player only (Player 3)


Italic = Members Only

Bold = Taster Level

Taster levels are available for free players, but they cannot carry on after that level, get achievements in it or get a score. For the full benefits of taster levels, you must be a member and complete all the levels before it.


More information can be found here.

No Level
1 Basics
2 Rolling
3 Shuffles
4 Spiders
5 Sticky Balls

One-Player Puzzles

These puzzles are done alone, and start out easy, but get increasingly difficult. There are 70 levels in total: 20 Doable levels, 20 Insane levels, 20 Theoretically Possible levels and 10 Bonus levels.

Doable Levels

More information can be found here.

No Level Maximum Score Cumulative Maximum
1 Easy 140 140
2 Peasy 180 320
3 Three Rooms 320 640
4 An Electric Ball 570 1210
5 Get the Key 420 1630
6 Spider Box 760 2390
7 Bounce Around 600 2990
8 Bomb in the Hole 678 3668
9 Push the Rock 140 3808
10 Hammerhead 1210 5018
11 Fiddle Dig 160 5178
12 Mining Disturbance 324 5502
13 Shuffle to Defuse 582 6084
14 Hole Hider 900 6984
15 Variety 1340 8324
16 Boom Averted 408 8732
17 A Bit Handy 260 8992
18 Double Shuffles 602 9594
19 Bottom-Heavy 606 10200
20 Critical Mass 586 10786

Insane Levels

More information can be found here.

No Level Maximum Score Cumulative Maximum
21 Beyond the Bomb 122 10908
22 Precision 426 11334
23 Bottomless 640 11974
24 Air Raid Bunker 1570 13544
25 Twang 462 14006
26 Mirror Fiddle 790 14796
27 Lurid 830 15626
28 Where is the Key? 700 16326
29 Ooh Look, Leaves 262 16588
30 Low Exit 840 17428
31 Star Feet 540 17968
32 Support! Timing! 420 18388
33 Rock Block 302 18690
34 Don't Rush 620 19310
35 Box Box Box 800 20110
36 One-Way 1314 21424
37 Smoothly Does It 782 22206
38 Pink Suits You Sir! 750 22956
39 Piercing 640 23596
40 Elimination 964 24560

Theoretically Possible Levels

More information can be found here.

No Level Maximum Score Cumulative Maximum
41 Mystifying 1582 26142
42 Crossroads 1520 27662
43 Falling Sky 600 28262
44 Balancing Act 548 28810
45 Demolition 1464 30274
46 Laser Maze 120 30394
47 Controller 690 31084
48 Safe Madness 1570 32654
49 Puzzle Rooms 512 33166
50 Ball Race 1480 34646
51 Drop Nothing 734 35380
52 Psychedelic 200 35580
53 Funnel 958 36538
54 Cascade 2318 38856
55 Rook 1342 40198
56 Bomb Block Rock 1878 42076
57 Magic Pervades 1704 43708
58 Quick, Kill Them! 2486 46194
59 Where To? 1862 48056
60 Hot Feet 3628 (?)

Bonus Levels

This section is completely hidden from the in-game level list until all "Theoretically Possible" levels are completed, and acts as a fourth section of the one-player puzzles. More information can be found here.

No Level Maximum Score Cumulative Maximum
61 Rather Hard 1006
62 Turbo Controller 688
63 Funner Funnel 958
64 Unexplainable 1210
65 Juggle Maze 1660
66 Fearsome 1212
67 Filter Effect 1080
68 It's a Goblin! 3858 (?)
69 It's Hostile! 4968
70 Grand Finale 7994

Two-Player Puzzles

More information can be found here.

No Level
1 Teleroom
2 Sacrifice
3 Crystal Beyond
4 Shufflesworth
5 City
6 Double Trouble
7 Mining
8 Bomb Tower
9 The Pit
10 Come Again Rock
11 Which Way?
12 Stop Pushing!

Three-Player Puzzles

More information can be found here.

No Level
1 Three's a Crowd
2 Infestation Team
3 Chomp
4 Crystal Race
5 Armageddon!

Arcade Levels

The Arcade levels are one-player levels that usually require less thought but more speed than the puzzles. More information can be found here.

No Level Maximum Score Cumulative Maximum
1 Flee 910 910
2 Clover 80 990
3 Gates 144 1134
4 Panic Rooms 1036 2170
5 Infested 460 2630
6 Quick! 172 2802
7 Teleport Around 80 2882
8 Splodge 4520 7402
9 Bomb Rays 320 7722
10 Treasure Rider 1328 9050
11 The Key is Key 952 10002
12 Sticky Hedges 1272 11274
13 Try to Flee 910 12184
14 Boom Boom Boom 948 13132
15 Spider's Den 3770 16902
16 On The Run 2244 19146
17 Laser Gun 2090 21236
18 Dodge Ball 700 21936
19 Chain Reaction 664 22600
20 Rain 1316 23916
21 The Americas 2386 26302
22 Boom 1702 28004
23 Tight 460 28464
24 Doohickey 2504 30968
25 Chain of Madness 4958 35926


Total Achievements: 17
Total Orb Coins: 71
Total Orb Points: 7100
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Accomplished Artisan Accomplished Artisan

Get 20000 points

500 5 Yes AK
Ball Blaster Ball Blaster

Complete Arcade Level 'Sticky Hedges' destroying all balls

200 2 Yes AN
Crazy Dodger Crazy Dodger

Complete Arcade Level 15

300 3 Yes AG
Creepy Crystals Creepy Crystals

Complete 13 levels in one session, during the Halloween season

100 1 No AQ
Crystal Collector Crystal Collector

Complete all 'Insane' Puzzle Levels

300 3 Yes AC
Crystal Connoisseur Crystal Connoisseur

Complete all 'Theoretically Possible' Puzzle Levels

500 5 Yes AD
Crystal Keeper Crystal Keeper

Complete all 'Doable' Puzzle Levels

200 2 Yes AB
Crystal Monarch Crystal Monarch

Complete all 'Bonus' Puzzle Levels

1000 10 Yes AE
Crystal Nabber Crystal Nabber

Complete Puzzle Level 10

100 1 No AA
Dabbling Jeweller Dabbling Jeweller

Get 5000 points

200 2 No AJ
Desperate Dodger Desperate Dodger

Complete Arcade Level 5

100 1 Yes AF
Flawless Performer Flawless Performer

Complete Arcade Level 'Treasure Rider' catching all balls and spiders

1000 10 Yes AP
Humble Collector Humble Collector

Get 1000 points

100 1 No AI
Jammy Dodger Jammy Dodger

Complete the Arcade Set

500 5 Yes AH
Prince of Gems Prince of Gems

Get 50000 points

1000 10 Yes AL
Speed Diamond Speed Diamond

Complete Arcade Level 'On The Run' in under 50 seconds

500 5 Yes AO
Spider Stomper Spider Stomper

Kill 30 Spiders in one session in the Arcade Levels

500 5 Yes AM
All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.


  • Gaining the Spider Stomper achievement unlocks the quote: "There's a bug in the spider web!" - Ben D
  • The name for level 12, Mining Disturbance, is a pun on Miner Disturbance.
  • The map of level 69, "It's Hostile!" resembles the Hostile Spawn character attacking a spawn. Also the map of level 10, "Hammerhead", resembles Hammerhead starship from Hostile Spawn. Crazy Crystals was the game released before Hostile Spawn.
  • The regular crystals are icosahedrons, whereas the rounder ones are bilunabirotundas. The achievements, however, display crystals as skewed rhombicuboctahedrons.
  • To date, this is the only game with no Instructions page on the main menu, instead using a tutorial to explain the basics of the game. However, there are games with both tutorials and instructions.
  • The player's icon at top-right corner when killed,only its hair/head is seen above the grave.It could be possibly buried upright and simply dont fit on the soil.