No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
21 Beyond the Bomb Taster
22 Precision Yes
23 Bottomless Yes
24 Air Raid Bunker Yes
25 Twang Yes
26 Mirror Fiddle Yes
27 Lurid Yes
28 Where is the Key? Yes
29 Ooh Look, Leaves Yes
30 Low Exit Yes
31 Star Feet Yes
32 Support! Timing! Yes
33 Rock Block Yes
34 Don't Rush Yes
35 Box Box Box Yes
36 One-Way Yes
37 Smoothly Does It Yes
38 Pink Suits You Sir! Yes
39 Piercing Yes
40 Elimination Yes
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels

Crazy Crystals 30 Low Exit

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