No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
41 Mystifying Taster
42 Crossroads Yes
43 Falling Sky Yes
44 Balancing Act Yes
45 Demolition Yes
46 Laser Maze Yes
47 Controller Yes
48 Safe Madness Yes
49 Puzzle Rooms Yes
50 Ball Race Yes
51 Drop Nothing Yes
52 Psychedelic Yes
53 Funnel Yes
54 Cascade Yes
55 Rook Yes
56 Bomb Block Rock Yes
57 Magic Pervades Yes
58 Quick, Kill Them! Yes
59 Where to? Yes
60 Hot Feet Yes
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels

Crazy Crystals 41 Mystifying

  1. Get out of the first area by collecting the bottom crystals of the two groups
  2. Go straight to the right until you're under the opening to the top right area, straight up until you're just inside the top right area, and left until you're under the left rock.
  3. Go up, then left to release the rock.
  4. Go down and push the rock until it falls into the center right area.
  5. Follow it there and clear the crystal and dirts on your right.
  6. Push the rock until it falls into the starting area.
  7. Go back into the center right area. Clear the two dirts directly over the opening to the bottom left area.
  8. Go into the top left area without clearing any more dirt. Only collect the first crystal (the one by the entrance).
  9. Go up and clear the dirt, then the crystal under the bomb.
  10. Shuffle right, then left to push the bomb left.
  11. Go up, then left to get the special crystal and let the rock fall.
  12. Push the rock to the right. It will go to the entrance square.
  13. Get the crystal to the left of the bomb and push the bomb to where the crystal was.
  14. Leave the bomb and push the rock to the right until it falls into the center right section.
  15. Push the rock to the left until it falls into the bottom right section.
  16. Go into the center left section and get the crystal by the entrance.
  17. Shuffle left, then right to push the bomb onto the rock.
  18. Push it so that it falls into the bottom right section.
  19. Now you can go into the bottom left section and get all crystals and the key:
    1. Get the first three crystals to the left of the entrance.
    2. Go down, then twice to the left to get the key.
    3. Go up and twice to the right.
    4. Get the rest of the crystals there, then get out.
  20. Get all crystals and clear all dirt in the bottom right section.
  21. Do the same in the center right section.
  22. Get the crystal in the top right section and clear the two dirt squares directly under the blue safe (it doesn't matter if you clear other dirt squares except the one under the rock).
  23. In the top left section, get the crystal diagonally right and down from the bomb.
  24. Shuffle down, then up.
  25. Shuffle left, then right.
  26. Push the bomb to the right until it falls.
  27. Get all crystals in the top left section.
  28. Also get the one to the right of the other bomb, and go up to escape it.
  29. Get the crystals in the center left section.
  30. Get the blue key in the center right section.
  31. When the rock is released, go to the right and get the crystal.

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