No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
1 Basics No
2 Rolling No
3 Shuffles No
4 Spiders No
5 Sticky Balls No
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels

Crazy Crystals Tutorial 3 Shuffles

Crazy Crystal Walkthrough-Shuffles

Difficulty: Easy.

Follow the red line. A black arrow with green inside indicates a shuffle: that is, a quick double-move. The black arrows indicate pushing/digging, and the green line the fast movement. Where a double-shuffle is needed, the first shuffle has a larger black arrow. Arrows have been added to certain sections to prevent confusion.

The white circle indicates a section of the level where a written guide has been provided to prevent confusion:

Firstly, you should head right until you hit the first crystal. From here you need to perform a shuffle. Move down one then up one very quickly, and the rock should be on your head. Then perform another shuffle: move right one then left one very quickly, knocking the rock onto the logs.

Clicking on the green player in this level reveals the following text: "This is a very bored person. Don't worry, he has a lot more fun in the two-player levels."

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