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Tutorial levels
Doable levels
1 Easy No
2 Peasy No
3 Three Rooms No
4 An Electric Ball No
5 Get the Key No
6 Spider Box No
7 Bounce Around No
8 Bomb in the Hole No
9 Push the Rock No
10 Hammerhead No
11 Fiddle Dig No
12 Mining Disturbance No
13 Shuffle to Defuse No
14 Hole Hider No
15 Variety No
16 Boom Averted Yes
17 A Bit Handy Yes
18 Double Shuffles Yes
19 Bottom-Heavy Yes
20 Critical Mass Yes
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
Arcade levels

Crazy Crystals 6 Spider Box

CC Spider Box

  1. Move left 3.
  2. Move up 1, left 2, down 1, right 3, down 3 and right 1.
  3. Move down 1, right 3, down 4, left 4, up 5 and left 3.
  4. Move right 1 and up 2.
  5. Move down 6, right 1, down 2, left 2 and up 1.
  6. Move right 8, down 1, right 2 and up 1.
  7. Move left 1, up 5 and right 1.
  8. Move up 1, left 3, up 2 and right 1.
  9. Finally move up 1, right 1 and down 2.

or: my strategy: get all the crystals surrounding the spider quickly go to the top right get the first crystal without pushing the rock. Go behind the rock so you can push it out into the open wait for the spiders web to expand to were your standing quickly squish the spider with the rock you are behind - mirror284

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