No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
Three Player levels
1 Three's a Crowd Yes
2 Infestation Team Yes
3 Chomp Yes
4 Crystal Race Yes
5 Armageddon! Yes
Arcade levels

Crazy Crystals 3P1 Three's a Crowd
This level is identical to the level Ball Race in the One - Player puzzles. However, it's made easier by the fact you have three people.

  1. Move the green player left three times.
  2. (Blue player) Collect the crystals surrounding the blue player.
  3. Dig through the bottom earth of the two earths holding the rocks, then go down then left.
  4. Collect the crystal next to an earth and above a pile of rocks. Go down, collecting both crystals in the line. There should be a wobbling rock left of you. Push it left once.
  5. Go right once, then down once. Go right once again, then down three times. Go left three times, then push the rock right twice. Go up once, then left once to drop some rocks. Go left once.
  6. Go down to collect a crystal. Go up and collect another crystal, but not the one next to a laser beam. Go right then left to drop a couple of rocks. Move next to the horziontal laser beam, but not in it.
  7. Make the pink player dig through the earth next to the spider, and run to next to the green player.
  8. Move the pink player and the green player up once, then left twice. Wait for the spider web to expand until the spider goes for the blue player. It will kill itself on the laser.
  9. (Pink player) Go right one space and down three. Go left once, then down four times, avoiding the bouncy ball. Go right twice, go down once and shuffle left then right. Go down once, right once, left once, down once, right once and left, collecting the crystal.
  10. Head right until you're left of a rock. Head upwards until you're supporting a rock. Move left twice. Collect all of the crystals to the right of the bouncy ball.
  11. With the blue player , collect the crystal below the mirror. Go to the bottom of the two earths, then walk up once. Go left twice to drop the rocks. Collect the crystal right of the filled - in hole.
  12. (Green Player) Go down twice then up twice. Go down once, left twice, right once, down once, right once, down once and right once. Go up once, left three times, down six and collect the three crystals next to the spider.
  13. Head upwards until you're under a rock at the top of the level. Go right three times, down once and level complete!

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