No. Name Members Only?
Tutorial levels
Doable levels
Insane levels
Theoretically Possible levels
Bonus levels
Two Player levels
1 Teleroom Yes
2 Sacrifice Yes
3 Crystal Beyond Yes
4 Shufflesworth Yes
5 City Yes
6 Double Trouble Yes
7 Mining Yes
8 Bomb Tower Yes
9 The Pit Yes
10 Come Again Rock Yes
11 Which Way? Yes
12 Stop Pushing! Yes
Three Player levels
Arcade levels

Crazy Crystals 2P11 Which Way?

  1. With the green player, go down once, then right, pushing the bomb of the edge. Walk to the right of the next bomb.
  2. With the blue player, go down once, then right. When you're on the left of the bomb, head down until you're next to a rock. Push that right.
  3. Go to where the rock used to be.
  4. (For this step, you'll need some very good timing.) With the blue player push the bomb left once. With the blue player, push the bomb left the moment before it hits the ground. (It may take several attempts to get this right.)
  5. Get both players out the way of where the bouncy ball will go. With one player, collect the gold key. Wait for the bouncy ball to fill the hole. Collect the crystal that is one space up and two spaces to the left of where the bouncy ball used to be.
  6. With either player, collect the cyan key and orb - crystal. Get one player below the silver key, and one player below them. With the player on top, collect the silver key.
  7. Collect the crystals in the top of the room. With the blue player, go through the teleport on the right. With the green player, collect the red key and orb crystal. Move the blue player up one, and get the green player to go through the teleport.
  8. Both players are roughly back to where they started. Take the blue player through the top portal, and the green player through the bottom portal.
  9. Make the blue player push the rock right, and the green player push the bomb left. Wait for the sticky ball to fill the hole.
  10. Move the blue player to the crystal bottom - right of a bomb. Move them up once.
  11. Move the green player to the space bottom - left from the bomb. Make the blue player push the bomb on top of the green player.
  12. Move the blue player around to 1 space left of the bomb. Push it right once, and wait for the newly - released sticky ball to fill a hole.
  13. Push the rock next to where the sticky ball was right once. Then push the bomb below it right once. Collect all the crystals in this part of the level.
  14. Go up, to where the filled holes are. Enter the room filled with crystals, and collect all of them.
  15. Make the green player go through the teleporter below the orb - crystal. Make the blue player collect it.
  16. Get the green player to collect the last two crystals under two rocks, and level complete!

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