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Developer Diaries are articles that tell FunOrb players about the development of an upcoming project. They were first released on 12th March 2009 with the Pirate Empires developer diary.

Developer Diaries Edit

A list of the developer diaries released to date.

Pirate Empires

DD PirateEmpires
Diary Release Date
Part 1 - Lagging Behind
12th March 2009
Part 2 - Give 'Em the WIP
30th March 2009
Part 3 - Arrrdvark
9th April 2009
Part 4 - When Push Comes to Shove
23rd April 2009

Dungeon Assault II

DD Dungeon Assault II
Diary Release Date
Part 1 - Second Assault
7th May 2009
Part 2 - Dungeon Makeover
14th May 2009

FunOrb Central

DD FO Central
Diary Release Date
Part 1 - What is FunOrb Central?
21st May 2009
Part 2 - Development on a (Memory) Budget
28th May 2009
Part 3 - The Rise of FunOrb Graphics
22nd July 2009

FunOrb Olympics

DD Olympics
Diary Release Date
Part 1 - Behind the Scenes
11th September 2009

Bachelor Fridge

DD Bachelor Fridge
Diary Release Date
Part 1 - Scrumptious Sounds
21st September 2009

Production Process

DD Production
Diary Release Date
Part 1 - Making a Game
9th October 2009

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