This is easily the hardest level in the New Set.


  1. Place the red-marked objects before the fleas come out.
  2. Place the green-marked left slope the moment the balloon disappears.
  3. Wait for the single flea to reach the small area on the right.
  4. Place all cyan-marked objects.
  5. Place the yellow-marked left slope. The flea should take the white-marked route to the spring.
  6. When the flea is above where the blue-marked left slope is, place it there.
  7. After the flea drops down, place the pink-marked right slope.
  8. When the flea hits the Anti-Gravity switch, the rest of the fleas should be freed, save for a few.
  9. Carefully use walls to block the route toward the start, making sure not to trap any fleas.
  10. After the spider is killed by the bomb, place two right slopes where they were (in dark green). This should lead the majority of the fleas to the exit.
  11. Block the two springs to lead the fleas on them to the exit. Be careful not to trap any of them. Now only the flea that had touched the Anti-Graity switch and the fleas stuck at the entrance should remain.
  12. Extend the left slope near the Anti-Gravity switch, causing the flea to toggle it, returning gravity to normal and freeing the fleas near the entrance.
  13. After the flea comes back and reverses gravity again, this time leading the fleas near the entrance to the exit and leaving only one flea, block off the Anti-Gravity switch by placing a wall tile just to the right of it.
  14. Place another wall tile two spaces to the right of the one you just placed. It should touch the nearby right slope.
  15. As the flea goes down the left slope toward the Anti-Gravity switch, use a right slope to link the left slope and the "nearby right slope" mentioned in the previous step. The flea should then travel down the right slope, and eventually reach the exit.[1]
Classic Set
1 Beginning 2 Candle 3 Eagle 4 Galaxy 5 Penguin 6 Plate
7 Winter 8 Splendid 9 Itch 10 Yoyo 11 Radio 12 Wooden
13 Brave 14 Teleport 15 Bounce 16 Shallow 17 Elephant 18 Chord
19 Fright 20 Zigzag 21 Anything 22 Change 23 Blanket 24 Paint
25 Sheep 26 Windmill 27 Bronze 28 Turnip 29 Crowd 30 Brush
New Set
1 Tutorial One 2 Water Feature 3 Bombs Away! 4 Transporters 101 5 My Biggest Fan 6 Gravity?
7 Disappearing Trick 8 Enlightened Journey 9 Recession 10 Spider-Flea Lunch 11 Raising Expectations 12 Sinking Flea-ling
13 The Sharp End 14 From A to Flea 15 It's a Breeze 16 Golden Fleas 17 Switch-a-Flea 18 Maze
19 Rickety Bridge 20 Bang! Oops... 21 Tower 22 Theory of Gravity 23 Spring to Action 24 Out With a Bang
25 Flea, Fly, Flow, Flum 26 Sole Trader 27 Hidden Traps 28 DeathTrap 29 Fly Or Die 30 Bombardiers Fleas
31 Complication 32 Sierpinski 33 Rise From Above 34 The Unexpected 35 Fan Trap 36 Confusion
37 Twisted Path 38 No Flea Left Behind 39 No Chain Reactions 40 Castor and Pollux 41 Ratchet

References Edit

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