Hallowe'en Master '08
Hallowe'en Master '08-large
Description Complete all 2008 Hallowe'en Achievements
Global achievement
Members? Yes Seasonal? Halloween 2008
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 300 Orb Coins 3 Orb Coins 3

The 2008 Hallowe'en Achievements are:

[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Game Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Splatty Splatty Bouncedown Gain 5000 points in one player mode during Halloween 1000 10 No AJ
Rentabrick Rentabrick Brick-À-Brac Complete any level after the first with the Halloween background. 100 1 No AQ
Samhain Sovereign Samhain Sovereign Chess Win a rated game with the Halloween skin 100 1 No AK
Creepy Crystals Creepy Crystals Crazy Crystals Complete 13 levels in one session, during the Halloween season 100 1 No AQ
Spooky Geometrician Spooky Geometrician Geoblox Score 7000 points! 300 3 No AQ
Ghosts in the Machine Ghosts in the Machine TetraLink Win 7 Rated games during the Halloween season 200 2 No AH
Ghostlit Ghostlit Torquing! Collect all of the glowing pumpkins during the Halloween season 400 4 Yes AQ
Monster Speller Monster Speller Transmogrify Spell pumpkin, mummy, skeleton or vampire 300 3 No AP
Pumpkin Collector Pumpkin Collector Wizard Run Collect 100 pumpkins in world six during halloween 200 2 Yes AL
Pumpkin Eater Pumpkin Eater Zombie Dawn Consume 100 pumpkin-heads in a single game during Halloween 500 5 No AM
All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.

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