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Before FunOrb was released, going to the FunOrb URL would give you this screen

January Edit

February Edit

  • Mid-month - FunOrb website goes online with a teaser.
  • 27th - FunOrb is released. 18 games are available in both English and German.

March Edit

  • 12th - Transmogrify is released.
  • 26th - Stellar Shard is released; so is the first news post, celebrating Funorb's 1 month birthday.

April Edit

  • 9th - The multiplayer lobby is updated. Arcanists is made available to free players, but rated games are still members only. Shattered Plans is released.
  • 23rd - Zombie Dawn is released. Achievements can now be viewed online and be compared with other players.
  • 30th - Shattered Plans single player is released. Players can also face AI opponents in multiplayer.

May Edit

June Edit

  • 3rd - Escape Vector is released.
  • 5th - Quick Chat is released.
  • 18th - Arcanists receives a series of updates, including team play, 2 new maps, 6 new Arcane spells, 2 new spell books and Prestige Hats.

July Edit

August Edit

  • 8th - You can now make membership payments straight to Wallie instead of using PaybyCash.
  • 13th - The Orb Points table and Dungeon Assault are released.
  • 20th - The French version of FunOrb is released.
  • 27th - Orb Defence is released.

September Edit

  • 5th - The Java certificate on all games is renewed. Dungeon Assault receives a series of updates.
  • 10th - Pool is released.
  • 24th - Orb Downloads and the Community Homepage are released.

October Edit

November Edit

December Edit

  • 4th - Arcanists receives a update, which includes a new book and a new map.
  • 11th - The website gets a new Christmas theme; the games don't.
  • 17th - Orb Defence gets an update, which includes 2 new levels, 2 new Norb types, full access to First Fight for free players and Pincer and Breakout no longer needing the Zoomo achievement unlocked.
  • 18th - The Grassy Hills map in Arcanists gets a Christmas theme; three sets of Arcanists costumes become available in the Orb Downloads section.

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