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January Edit

  • 8th - The winners of two competitions announced on the forums had lasted a long time, but the winners were announced today.
  • 15th - Armies of Gielinor, a game based on RuneScape was released today, with many bugs and glitches which were then fixed over the next couple of weeks. It replaced Arcanists on the top of the top ten list for a short time.

February Edit

  • 5th - Ataxtix is released. Shortly after it is taken down.
  • 9th - Ataxtix is re-released under the new name Virogrid. Two achievements which contain the game name have been renamed.
  • 26th - Armies of Gielinor receives its first update, which adds new achievements and the option to play team-based games.

March Edit

  • 18th - Non-paying members with 42 or more achievements gain the ability to post in the forums.
  • 19th - Miner Disturbance receives its first update. Some achievements are added, the original volcano becomes fully free to play, and the Super Volcano is added for paying members.

April Edit

May Edit

  • 11th - The Offence System is updated, across FunOrb and RuneScape, providing expiration dates for offences.
  • 14th - The second update for Armies of Gielinor is released, with runes and prestige coats of arms.
  • 28th - An update for Brick-à-Brac adds 30 members-only single-player levels and 15 free-to-play multiplayer levels.

June Edit

July Edit

  • 22nd - Escape Vector is updated with a members-only hard mode and simulator levels, and the entire normal mode becomes free-to-play.

August Edit

  • 5th - Deko Bloko receives a minor update, gaining 8 achievements.

September Edit

October Edit

  • 1st - A "display name" feature is added to RuneScape and FunOrb.

November Edit

December Edit

  • 3rd - Bouncedown is released for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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