Image categorisation is a necessary chore to make the wiki as easy to use as possible. However, editors often forget to categorise images when they upload them. This leads to Special:UncategorizedImages becoming very full.

Guidelines Edit

These guidelines cover the images most commonly uploaded. If the image doesn't fit into any of these and you don't know where to categorise it, simply ask on the image's talk page, or check the Category Tree, with base category Images.

Achievement images Edit

Achievement images should be placed in [[Category:<game name> Achievement images]], and this category should be placed in both [[Category:Achievement images]] and [[Category:<game name> images]].

Game images Edit

Game images should be categorised as [[Category:<game name> images]], unless an obvious subcategory exists.

Orb Downloads images Edit

Icons from Orb Downloads should be placed in [[Category:<game name> icons]], and Wallpapers go in [[Category:<game name> wallpapers]]

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