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Userboxes are templates that are designed to be added to a user's user page.


{{funorb name|<your playername>}}
Icon game This user plays FunOrb as <Player name>.
$ This user is a FunOrb member.
{{free player}}
$ This user sadly is a not a FunOrb member.
red This user hates that GyojiBot name is red ALWAYS.
{{played since|<month year>}}
February 2008 This user has been playing FunOrb since February 2008.
{{Userboxes/Orb Points|<your orb points>}}
Orb points This user has 0 Orb Points.
{{Userboxes/Achievements|<your number of achievements>|<Are you a member? y/n >}}
Unachieved Achievement Thumbnail Userboxes has 0 Achievements.
{{Userboxes/Arcanists hat|<your Arcanists prestige hat - e.g. 5th>}}
5th hat This user has the 5th prestige hat in Arcanists
{{Userboxes/Favorite Game|<your favorite game>}}
StarCannon thumbnail This user's favorite game is StarCannon.
{{Userboxes/KnightOfTheOrber|<your rank>}}
Knights of the Orber This user has rank Initiate in the Knights of the Orber.

{{Userboxes/RavenSociety|<your rank>}}
The Raven Society This user has rank Acolyte in the Raven Society.

{{Dungeon_Assault_Title|<your title>}}
Orb of War Userboxes's Dungeon Assault title is "Userboxes the Feared".
{{Chess_Rating|<your rating>}}
Safe Mover This user's Chess rating is 1000.
{{TetraLink_Rating|<your rating>}}
Link Duality This user's TetraLink rating is 1000.
{{Vertigo_2_Rating|<your rating>}}
Purple Paint This user's Vertigo 2 rating is 1000.
{{Virogrid_Rating|<your rating>}}
Virogrid Addict This user's Virogrid rating is 1000.
{{Arcanists_Rating|<your rating>}}
Overlight Arcanist Userboxes's Arcanists rating is 1000.
{{AoG_Rating|<your rating>}}
Strength Through Chaos This user's Armies of Gielinor rating is 1000.
{{Brick-À-Brac_Rating|<your rating>}}
Master Builder This user's Brick-à-Brac rating is 1000.
{{Bachelor_Fridge_Rating|<your rating>}}
Omnivore This user's Bachelor Fridge rating is 1000.
{{Kickabout_League_Rating|<your rating>}}
We are the Champions This user's Kickabout League rating is 1000.
{{Pixelate_Rating|<your rating>}}
Pixel Player This user's Pixelate rating is 1000.
{{Deko_Bloko_Rating|<your rating>}}
Gold Blokker This user's Deko Bloko rating is 1000.
{{Pool_Rating|<your rating>}}
Perfect 9 This user's Pool rating is 1000.
{{Shattered_Plans_Rating|<your rating>}}
Total War This user's Shattered Plans rating is 1000.
{{Steel_Sentinels_Rating|<your rating>}}
Steel Sentinels Master of War This user's Steel Sentinels rating is 1000.
{{Tomb_Racer_Rating|<your rating>}}
Around the World This user's Tomb Racer rating is 1000.
{{Zombie_Dawn_Multiplayer_Rating|<your rating>}}
Skin and Bones This user's Zombie Dawn Multiplayer rating is 1000.
{{User made userbox|<number of userboxes>}}
Icon game This user has made at least 1 userbox.

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