Achievement-Perfect Geometry

Perfect Geometry
Perfect Geometry-large
Description Finish a stage with the avatar clear of geoblox
Game Geoblox
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 500 Orb Coins 5 Orb Coins 5

Methods for obtaining this achievementEdit

1. Jewellery StageEdit

The Jewellery stage contains the right amount of shapes for you to clear them all, 3 at a time.

2. This allows four shapes to be eliminated at once.

a) Place Piece 1 on the avatar.

b) Place Piece 2, which is the same colour as Piece 1, onto Piece 1.

c) Place a Piece 3, which is the same SHAPE as Piece 2, onto Piece 2.

d) Place Piece 4, which is the same colour as Piece 2 and same shape as Piece 3, onto Piece 2.

Heres an example:

Piece 1: Red Circle.

Piece 2: Red Square.

Piece 3: Orange Square.

Piece 4: Red Square.

This is easy to do on Sun Stage, which you need to do twice, to obtain the correct number of blocks.

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