Mod GyojiBot Edit

Mod GyojiBot made his first appearance on the FunOrb forums in cryptic form, using nursery rhymes to communicate. His next message was a real message, using phrases and sentences to communicate correctly. At first the other Mods acted like nothing was ever going on, but then it started to show up. Many of the mods were acting strangely, then on the second thread Mod Thaddeus left a message hidden in his lock post requesting help from the players. Mod GyojiBot then released a game called Sumoblitz. It appeared in the third thread that he had killed his developers. In his fourth thread he apologised and at the end, something cryptic happened. But no further mention of the killed mods is there.

Sumoblitz new



Disputes Edit

Many believed that forum mods had prior notice to the Mod GyojiBot terror, but this was not the case. Many believed that Mod Craddock was responsible for running GyojiBot. This was disproved, however, by Mod Craddock. Many then believed that Mod Melanie H was controlling GyojiBot. This, too, was again disproven when Mod Gabriel posted stating that he had controlled him all along.

Trivia Edit

  • Gyoji is a referee to a certain type of sumo wrestling.
  • GyojiBot's name is always in red.

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