The Highscores & Ratings page of the FunOrb website was released on the 9th July 2008. It displays information about high scores gained in the previous week for the single player games, updating every Sunday midnight (GMT). For multiplayer games the highscores show player's ratings and win, loss and draw percentages, and the rankings are updated immediately after a change.

Multiplayer Games Edit

Shattered plans ratings

A screen-shot of the Shattered Plans page of the FunOrb Highscores, showing the main features for multi-player games.

All Multiplayer games use a system of ratings to determine your rank on the high-score list. A player's rating begins at 1000, but can then fall or rise depending on the player's wins and losses in rated games. A rating can be as low as 0, but there is no established "maximum" rating. If there is a large rating difference, the lower rated player will gain more rating for winning, and lose less for losing, and with the higher - rated player it's the other way around.

In Shattered Plans, rating can be gained and lost from computer opponents, and in Brick-à-Brac, you do not have to come first to gain rating. In Zombie Dawn Multiplayer, you also don't have to come first to gain rating, but the rating you earn or lose partly depends on how many points you score. The only exception is Dungeon Assault which isn't displayed in the highscores, as renown in Dungeon Assault can be gained over time.

Single Player Games Edit

Dr P Highscores

A screen-shot of the Dr. Phlogiston Saves the Earth page of the funorb high scores, showing the main features for single player games.

All Single Player games use a high scores table to determine your rank on the high-score list. The high score table is recreated weekly, and only shows the most recent scores. However, if you add someone, you can view their top 10 scores in any particular game. When the highscores table is reset, all the games display a message saying "No Highscores found", but it's only there for a few seconds before someone gets a score in that game:
No highscores

Friends' scores Edit

Md hiscores

A screen-shot of the Miner Disturbance page of the FunOrb Highscores, showing your best 10 scores.

You can see your friends' scores by clicking on the friends tab and you can watch his best scores. Your scores are in the table there too for you to compare or in the My Scores table to show the best 10 of your scores. These scores never reset and they will be in the table until a better one appears.

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