Description Kill fifty aliens with the Plasma Gun
Game Hostile Spawn
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 100 Orb Coins Icon orbcoins 1

Notes Edit

This is the best way to achieve this achievement:

Start on level 6 ("Security"). After killing all the aliens start coming at you from the north, east and south side, go and get the C.R.A.G., not very far from the starting point. After picking up the C.R.A.G. go and get the plasma gun (if you don't know where to find the plasma gun, you should first take a look at the map on the page for Hostile Spawn). There will be a cell pack with the plasma gun is located (along with 3 fast aliens wich can be killed with the C.R.A.G. or the flamethrower). Now you have to kill every alien you see, using only the plasma gun. On level 7 ("Infiltration"), there are approximately 5 cell packs (check the page of Hostile Spawn to see where). If you continue using the plasma gun to kill every alien you encounter, you should get the achievement pretty quickly.

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