Phoenix Nova
Phoenix Nova-large
Description Find the Phoenix Nova
Game Hostile Spawn
Members? Yes Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints 1000 Orb Coins 10 Orb Coins 10

NOTE: Picking up the key will only last until you exit the game.

To obtain the Phoenix Nova achievement, you must play through Kerrus hard mode to mission 10 (Escape), then try to find a room south of the point where you escape. You should find a white room with a key saying "Lost Key". Grab the key (completing the mission is not required, in case you did this during a highscoring run).

Then play Vengeance hard mode, and get up to level 10 (Hostile Revenant). If you want to complete the mission after finding the ship, do not pick up the fourth charge on level 7, as this will prevent you from leaving via the lift very near to the Phoenix Nova and you will not have time to go back to the Queen's lair. Kill the Spawn Queen and go back to the white room close to the starting point, but this time, go south and find a secret passageway. Follow the path and you should find an experimental ship. If you are not playing in hard mode, the room will be empty apart from a toilet.

Hostile Spawn Phoenix Nova Toilet-Normal

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