Description Kill thirty aliens with the Flamethrower
Game Hostile Spawn
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 100 Orb Coins Icon orbcoins 1


This is the best way to obtain this achievement:

Start on level 1 ("Power cut"), and pick up the fuel pack in the room to the west of your ship.

On level 2 ("Control"), go east (through upper or lower door), until you reach the C.R.A.G. You will have to kill 2-3 aliens. Pick up the C.R.A.G. and go through the north door. Now you will come to a room where there are some machines, and you will see aliens popping out of a passage to the north. Follow the route to the passage and kill the aliens. Pick up the fuel pack (you should now have 8 seconds of fuel). Go back to the 2 doors east of the start point of level 2, while killing all the aliens you see. When you come to the 2 doors (to the east of you when you started), go south and you will see 2 doors, one to the west and one to the east. Go through the east door. Continue going east, then go south. When you see an alien coming at you, kill it, and then go through the upper door. Now 2 aliens will come at you. After killing them, go east and pick up the flamethrower. Now go back to the door which was to the west of you (which you didn't go through, because you went through the east one). After going through there, go through the door to the south, and keep going south, but watch out for approximately 10 aliens attacking you. After the slaughter, go through the door to the north. After going through the door there may be more aliens to kill; if not, go west. Now you will see aliens coming at you. If not, go north, and then about 10 aliens will start attacking you. After killing them, go and get the data, and then go back to the starting point of the level.

When starting level 3 ("Self destruct"), you will see aliens running at you from the north, west and south. Roast them with your flamethrower, but make sure you don't get down to under 4 fuel seconds to burn. Now you should have already killed 5-8 aliens with the flamethrower. After doing this, go north (not entering the door to the north), and then go west into a room with 2 fuel packs (which should top you up to 12-14 seconds of fuel). Go and destroy the reactor, while killing all the aliens you come by. Then go back to the starting point of the level, killing all the aliens you see. Then go through the secret passage to your ship, which you will have to use to escape. Now you may only use your flamethrower. Go to your ship, roasting all the aliens you see. You will probably get the achievement very quickly.

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