Description Kill thirty aliens with the Rail Gun
Game Hostile Spawn
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 100 Orb Coins Icon orbcoins 1


This is the best way to achieve this achievement:

Start on level 7 ("Infiltration"). First go the left and kill all the aliens you see (approximately 5). Then kill the single alien to the west. Now go and get the C.R.A.G. and the cell pack, which you can find not very far from the C.R.A.G. (To find these, take a quick look at the map of this level, which you can find on the page of Hostile spawn.) After getting the C.R.A.G., get the plasma gun (see the map again). After getting the plasma gun, you will now be in a small room with a secret passage to the north. Aliens will pop out of this entrance. Roast them with your plasma gun. Now pick up all the cell packs on this level (see the map again). Any aliens you encounter must be killed with the laser gun. After this go to the lift at the end of the level and roast all the larvae.

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