Active J-mod clans Edit

There are three Jmod run clans on the forums (specifically, in the J Mod Clans forum). These are:

¥ The Raven Society ¥Edit

The Raven Society was founded by Mod Raven. It has spread across several threads, with dedicated ones for various activities and for information about the clan.

† Knights of the Orber †Edit

Knights of the Orber or KotO was founded by Mod Sallyd. The Knights of the Orbers' motto is "Sinta thaliolle e dagor ar' I'narr en gothrim glinuva nuin I'anor!" The title images on the thread are images of cabbages and tomatoes from the sister site of RuneScape. The icon representing the clan is a symbol which represents the game of Pest Control, a mini-game within RuneScape.

Agents of C.R.A.B.Edit

Agents of C.R.A.B. was founded by Mod Craddock. Its motto is 'Conquering the world, one game at a time'.

Inactive J-mod clans Edit


McOwnald's was founded by Mod Stevew. The McOwnald's motto was "Small enough to chill - big enough to fry". The title image on the thread was the icon of a skull that signifies the wilderness in the sister site of RuneScape. The icon representing the clan was a symbol which was originally used to represent death within RuneScape.

McOwnald's closed when Mod Stevew moved to the RuneScape customer support team.

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