Save the Day
Save the Day-large
Description Save the game by scoring to draw in the last 5 seconds (Team Games only)
Game Kickabout League
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 400 Orb Coins 4 Orb Coins 4

This achievement is simply about being at the right place at the right time with the right score. This is easier if you are a hotshot because you will be able to make the goal more easily and people are more likely to pass to you. If your team is already far beyond the other team in terms of goals, score on yourself a few times and wait for the right time.

Remember that it will take 1-2 seconds to charge, and a short time for the ball to travel. This means you shouldn't worry about charging at 6 or 7 seconds. As you can "hold" the charge if need be, you can also begin to charge at 8-10 seconds remaining, if you can be certain that no one will approach you in the remaining time. You should try to shoot the ball when there is still at least 2 seconds left.

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