Found the King
Found the King-large
Description Found the King of Rock and Roll in the Super Volcano
Game Miner Disturbance
Members? Yes Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints 300 Orb Coins 3 Orb Coins 3

Touch a skeletal version of Elvis Presley near the bottom of the Super Volcano.

It appears to be the case that each Super Volcano contains one "artifact" near the bottom, which can be Elvis Presley, a yellow submarine, a mammoth, the Rosetta Stone, or a T-rex skeleton; this achievement may therefore take several tries.

You should just choose the basic kit since it contains the best equipment to reach the bottom of the volcano without dying. A torch will help you spot the king faster and the magic map is very useful to identify the bottom of the volcano.

Identifying the bottom may be difficult though, but it usually has freezium, cold water, and a large surplus of diamonds not in boulders. When you believe you're at this point, clear out the entire area row-by-row. If the eruption begins, don't run but rather dig to the middle and wait until the lava uncovers the artifact, then dig to it as fast as you can.

Usually, the bottom of the volcano has diamonds and nothing else. When you see a whole row with nothing but diamonds, or a few rows below it, that is the bottom.

Found The King-By King of rs14
Found The KingMAP

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