Just For The Thrill
Just For The Thrill-large
Description Reach the bottom of either environment with 0 points
Game Miner Disturbance
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints 500 Orb Coins 5 Orb Coins 5

To reach the bottom of the regular volcano, use the shaft, take a hard hat, a gas mask and a 4th item of choice. At the start, cause a rock over the shaft to loosen, then jump into the shaft be carried to the bottom by the rock, then mine a short distance to cause an eruption. If you obtain any ores doing this, simply try again. Myths should be killed if on path of shaft.

NOTE: There is a chance of receiving a diamond when taking equipment from dead miners, so do it at your own risk!

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