Major Disturbance
Major Disturbance-large
Description Trigger an eruption within 40 seconds
Game Miner Disturbance
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 500 Orb Coins 5 Orb Coins 5

There are several possible ways to obtain this achievement.

It is possible to obtain this achievement in the Super Volcano using the third tactic. However, it is suggested that you get it in Mount Magros due to water hazards in the Super Volcano. The first two tactics and the last tactic revolve around the use of the Pre-dug Shaft, which is only available in Mount Magros.

  • Pre-dug Shaft, Dynamite and Rock Blaster. Drop down the mine shaft throwing dynamite until effluvium is reached, release gas from the effluvium, and blow it up. The rock blaster can be quite effective if you fire across the shaft and hope to trigger some effluvium gas trapped in the rocks on the other side.
  • Pre-dug Shaft, Dynamite, Hard Hat, and anything. This requires there to be rock above the shaft. Tap the rock once to break it and then move under it: it will knock you to the bottom of the shaft (unless you hit a myth on the way down, in which case try again). If there is effluvium gas, drop dynamite and run away. There are good odds that sufficient gas will accumulate above you to trigger the volcano when you blow it up.
  • Rock Blaster, Dynamite/Charge, anything else. Dig a small vertical shaft, and stand at the top, almost falling down. Hold Shift to keep firing the rock blaster and hold Ctrl to drop dynamite down the shaft(it's necessary to shoot first and then drop dynamite or you'll stop dropping dynamites).
  • Go down and blast the side of the volcano with rock blaster which makes explosion stronger and charges. Same thing as one listed above but lower in volcano. (NOT RECOMMENDED)
  • predug shaft, hard hat, anything else. one tap mine the first rock above shaft, fall down. once you reach the bottom, A: kill a myth, or B: start an explosion. the explosion will kill you, but, it will also start an eruption, and you get the achievement
Bombs Away!

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