Mod Wars are a series of events where Jagex moderators take on normal players in various multiplayer games. The table below lists the Mod Wars dates times and names.

Title Date Start time End time Notes
Mod Wars 15th August 2008 17:00 GMT+1 Unknown First Mod Wars, Thought as a one off at the time.
Mod Wars II - The Return 19th September 2008 17:00 GMT+1 Unknown Second Mod Wars.
Mod Wars III - A New Hope 17th October 2008 17:00 GMT+1 Unknown Third Mod Wars. Title is a reference to the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
Mod Wars IV - War Harder 12th December 2008 17:00 GMT Unknown Fourth Mod Wars.
Unofficial Mod Wars 13th December 2008 17:00 GMT Unknown Unofficial Mod Wars, Jagex mods claimed it was a second part to IV.
Mod Wars V - Mod Wars Reloaded 23rd January 2009 17:00 GMT Unknown Fifth Mod Wars. Title is a reference to the film The Matrix Reloaded.
Mod Wars VI - Thunderzone 20th February 2009 17:00 GMT 09:00 PST Sixth Mod Wars. It was originally called Mod Wars VI - Thunderdome.
Mod Wars "Thunderzone" 21st February 2009 23:00 GMT 15:00 PST Special Mod Wars.
Mod Wars VII - Mods on a Plane 3rd April 2009 17:00 GMT 18:00 PST Seventh Mod Wars. Title is a reference to the film Snakes on a Plane.
Mod Wars VIII - The Dark Mod 8th May 2009 17:00 BST N/A Eighth Mod Wars. Title is a reference to the film The Dark Knight.
Mod Wars VIII Evening Edition TBA 00:00 BST N/A Second part to Eighth mod wars.
Mod Wars IX - The Modfather 26th June 2009 17:00 BST N/A Ninth Mod wars. Title is a reference to the film The Godfather
Mod Wars IX Evening Edition 27th June 2009 Midnight BST N/A Second Part to Ninth mod wars

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