Most multiplayer games, such as Arcanists, have a currency which is earned by playing games. Usually, unrated games give very little or no currency. Rated games give the most currency. Currency is used to buy things which makes you even stronger or better to gain advantages in games, such as buying better units in Armies of Gielinor or upgrading your creatures in Bachelor Fridge. Those with better things usually wins, so currency is very important to multiplayer games. Some games require membership to get currency.

List of CurrencyEdit

  • Arcanists - Wands, used to buy books, spells and prestige.
  • Armies of Gielinor - Runes, used to buy units, gods, spells and prestige for coat of arms.
  • Bachelor Fridge - £, (Pounds) used to buy foods which upgrade creatures.
  • Kickabout League - £, (Pounds) used to buy new players and trinkets.
  • Steel Sentinels - Solarite Cubes, used to buy components, weapons, and sentinels.
  • Dungeon Assault - Treasure, to buy raiders, defenders and orbs.

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