Dominion is the fourth mode of Orb Defence. It can be considered to be one of the hardest, and is unlocked by scoring 1,000,000 points in either Pincer or Breakout. You start with 5 orbs.

OD Dominion Map

Norb Strength Edit

Normal Norbs Edit

Image Name Strength
Normo Normo
Swarmos Swarmo
Zoomo enemy Zoomo
Toughos Tougho

Nasty Norbs Edit

Image Name Strength
Flybo enemy
Bombo enemy
Chompo enemy
Irono enemy

Bosses Edit

Name Wave Strength
Normo Boss 11
Swarmo Boss 22
Zoomo Boss 33
Tougho Boss 44
Flybo Boss 55
Bombo Boss 66
Chompo Boss 77
Irono Boss 88
Awesomeo 99 413,300

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