OD Gridlock

Gridlock is the fifth mode of Orb Defence. It is unlocked by passing Wave 66 in either Pincer or Breakout. You start with 3 orbs, and the main highlight is using Barriers to build a maze.

Norb Strength Edit

Normal Norbs Edit

Image Name Strength
Zoomo enemy

Nasty Norbs Edit

Image Name Strength
Flybo enemy
Bombo enemy
Chompo enemy
Irono enemy

New Norbs Edit

Image Name Strength
Splitto 26

Bosses Edit

Name Wave Strength
Normo Boss 11
Splitto Boss 22
Sneako Boss 33
Swarmo Boss 44
Flybo Boss 55
Tougho Boss 66
Splitto Boss 77
Sneako Boss 88
Awesomeo 99 145000

Tip Edit

An easy way to beat this mode is to build an up-down path along the whole map, and build fast blasts along the way. Electroshock turrets are needed later for Sneakos though.

This method not only shields both fast blasts and barriers from Bombo explosions, but makes a really long path for the Norbs to follow. The only things to really look out for are hard-to-see Sneakos that go by, as they blend in the background quite well, and the Tougho boss. Also, Chompos and boss explosions will degrade turrets and destroy barriers, to be sure to replace them as quickly as possible. Chompos cannot eat barriers, though.

Gridlock Help

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