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Genre Sport
Release September 10, 2008
Multi-player Yes

Pool is a sport game released on 10 September 2008. It provides both eight-ball and nine-ball pool, which no different physically from regular pool, in addition to Jagex specific modes like double eight-ball pool, and killer mode. The rules used are Jagex house rules, which are a combination of skill-based rules common in Great Britain, and a few created by the Jagex staff to suit their own style.

Multiple table styles are available as well: A simple, modern-style table on which both eight-ball and nine-ball can be played, and several specialised tables for eight-ball with fun themes such as an iceberg, the Aztec mountains, and a FunOrb-themed plasma field. Each theme comes with its own graphics and visual effects, music, and sound effects.

Game Types

Game Type Rules and Description Players Tables
The object of eight-ball pool is to pot the 8 ball (the black ball) after you have potted all the balls in your group. Either you or your opponent start by breaking, then players take it in turns to try and pot a ball. The first ball (a spot or stripe) you pot without fouling determines your group. If you legally pot a ball on your shot, your "visit" continues with another shot. Once you have potted all your balls, you may pot the 8 ball to win the game.

A foul is any of the following:

  • Potting the 8 ball and any other ball in the same shot (loses the game).
  • Potting one of your opponent's balls.
  • Potting the cue ball.
  • Hitting the 8 ball or one of your opponent's balls first (with the cue ball).
  • Failing to hit any ball at all (with the cue ball).
  • Failing to take your shot in the time limit.

On conceding a foul, your opponent will get an extra visit. If you have an extra visit and pot a ball, you will still have that extra visit.

Special cases:

If you foul and leave your opponent snookered (meaning they cannot hit one of their own balls directly), they will get a ball-in-hand (they can move the ball anywhere behind the headstring). If you foul on break, your opponent gets to break again, and has an extra visit.

2 or 4 Players All Tables
The objective of nine-ball pool is to pot the 9 ball. You must always hit the lowest ball on the table first (with the cue ball) or that is a foul. You may pot the 9 ball on any shot in the game to win, but if you pot it and foul, you lose! On a foul, your opponent does not get any extra shots, however, they get a ball-in-hand, and may move the cue ball anywhere on the table. 2 Players Modern Only
Killer Mode
Killer Pool is a simple elimination game for two to eight players. Each player takes a single shot in turn, except when breaking that player has a free shot to break. You start with 3 lives:
  • If you fail to pot a ball on your shot, you lose a life!
  • If you pot the cue ball, or fail to hit any balls, you lose a life (or another life, if you failed to pot a ball as well)!
  • If you pot the black you gain an extra life!

Run out of lives and you are out of the game. If all the balls are potted, and there are players still in the game, the balls are re-racked, and play continues with another break.

2 - 8 Players All Tables

Pool Tables

This game may not have any twists, but there are 5 different pool tables to play on, including the classic table.

Table Name Description
Pool Modern Modern The classic, or modern, pool table
Pool Plasma Plasma A pool table with the theme of FunOrb's colours, black with purple plasma
Pool Aztec Aztec A game of pool played on an Aztec temple
Pool Polar Polar An icy, snow-covered pool table played on an iceberg
Pool Space Space Pool played on an aircraft in space.


  • Ball In Hand: Literally, the cue ball is in your hand, meaning you can position it anywhere along the head string you wish to. Ball-in-hand is given to the person doing the break, and to a person whose opponent just fouled.
  • Break: The first shot of the game, where the freshly-racked balls are broken apart, usually by a powerful shot directly into them.
  • Cover: When your ball is very close to a pocket, making it difficult or impossible for your opponent to pot their ball without potting your ball.
  • Cue: The stick used to strike the cue ball to make a shot.
  • Cue Ball: The (usually white) ball which is struck by the cue in order to strike other balls. The cue ball is the only ball which is legal to strike directly with the cue.
  • Cushion: The walls of the pool table between every two pockets. There are six cushions on a pool table.
  • Foul: To violate one of several rules in the game, such as hitting the eight-ball too early, making a shot and not hitting any balls, or potting one of your opponent's balls. Your visit will immediately end, even if you potted one of your own balls, and your opponent will get ball-in-hand as well as a free extra visit after their normal visit, depending on the game being played.
  • Group: In eight-ball, one of the two sets of balls, such as stripes and spots or reds and blues.
  • Head String: The line going across the table that the cue ball initially sits on. This is the line on which you position the ball when you have "ball in hand".
  • Perfect Break: Having potted no balls before in the game, potting all of your balls and winning the game in one visit (without missing a shot).
  • Plant: Hitting a ball which hits another ball into a pocket (a chain reaction).
  • Pocket: The holes which the balls get potted into.
  • Pot: To hit a ball into a pocket, either directly or indirectly (by planting).
  • Rack: The balls are positioned at the start of the game by racking them with a triangular loop usually made of wood, called the "rack", to arrange them closely together in a triangle (for eight-ball) or diamond (for nine-ball) pattern.
  • Shot: A single strike of the cue ball with the cue, until all balls come to rest.
  • Snooker: When you can not hit any target ball directly without fouling. The only way to clear a snooker without fouling is to bounce the cue ball off at least one rail to reach a legal target.
  • Spots: Also known as "solids" in some areas of the world.
  • Visit: One turn at the table, which may be several shots. A visit ends by winning, resigning, fouling, or failing to pot any of your target balls.


Total Achievements: 27
Total Orb Coins: 98
Total Orb Points: 9800
[Secret Achievements] | [Hidden Achievements] [Halloween Achievements]

Image Name Requirement Orb Points Orb Coins Members? Sorter
Around the World in Eighty Pots Around the World in Eighty Pots

Win one game on every table consecutively.

500 5 No AS
Barnstorming Barnstorming

On break of an eight-ball game, miss all balls and hit all cushions.

100 1 No AG
Beat the Clock Beat the Clock

Complete the time trial in under 3 minutes.

300 3 No AU
Beat the Clock, Unguided Beat the Clock, Unguided

Complete the time trial in under 3 minutes without guides on.

500 5 No AX
Black Belter Black Belter

Pot the black after four or more cushion rebounds.

300 3 No AR
Bury the Undead Bury the Undead

During Hallowe'en, pot the glowing-eyed skull in a Killer Game on the Aztec table.

200 2 No BA
Clean Break Clean Break

Complete the time trial without fouling.

200 2 No AV
Clean Break, Unguided Clean Break, Unguided

Complete the time trial without fouling without guides on.

300 3 No AY
Double Pot Double Pot

Pot two balls in one shot.

100 1 No AA
Hot Pocket Hot Pocket

Pot all of your balls and the 8 ball in the same pocket and win the game.

300 3 No AM
Hustler Hustler

Make three or more fouls in an eight-ball game, then get a perfect break.

500 5 No AL
Magic Pockets Magic Pockets

Pot at least one of your balls in each pocket and win the game.

200 2 No AN
Master Gardener Master Gardener

Plant-pot five balls in a single game.

500 5 No AE
Nine-to-One Nine-to-One

Pot the 9 ball with the 1 ball (in nine-ball).

200 2 No AJ
One-break Wonder One-break Wonder

Complete the time trial, potting a ball on every shot after the break.

300 3 No AW
One-break Wonder, Unguided One-break Wonder, Unguided

Complete the time trial, potting a ball on every shot after the break without guides on.

500 5 No AZ
Perfect 9 Perfect 9

Get a perfect break in nine-ball (pot all nine balls without missing a shot).

300 3 No AI
Plan 9- the Perfect Break Plan 9: the Perfect Break

Get a perfect break in nine-ball, with all balls potted in the correct order.

1000 10 No AT
Planter Planter

Pot a ball with a three-ball plant.

200 2 No AD
Pool Shark Pool Shark

Gain a Rating of 2000.

500 5 No AK
Shut-Out Shut-Out

Pot all of your balls before your opponent pots any of theirs.

200 2 No AH
Snooker-Fly Snooker-Fly

Get out of a snooker without fouling.

100 1 No AB
Snooker-Fly Pot Snooker-Fly Pot

Get out of a snooker and pot a ball.

200 2 No AC
The Colour of Money The Colour of Money

Break an opponent's winning streak (of 10 games or more).

500 5 No AP
The Cover-Up The Cover-Up

Cover all six pockets with your balls.

300 3 No AF
The Feel of Money The Feel of Money

Beat someone who has the Smell of Money and the Colour of Money Achievements (or a FunOrb Dev Mod).

500 5 No AQ
The Smell of Money The Smell of Money

Win 10 Rated games consecutively.

1000 10 No AO
All information for these achievements is stored on their respective pages, along with walkthroughs and tips for many of them. So, if you notice a mistake, or have a good strategy, go there!

Did you notice a missing achievement? You can help the FunOrb Wiki by making a page for it. Simply type the achievement name in this box to make a page for it.


  • The name "Around the World in Eighty Pots" is based on Around the World in Eighty Days.
  • The name "Plan 9: The Perfect Break" is based on the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space.
  • When the multiplayer game was first released, there were a couple bugs that allowed some of the achievements to be accomplished in an unrated game. This has since been fixed, but players were allowed to keep the achievements, even non-members.
  • Both the Colour of Money and the Hustler achievements may be named after books and films about pool of the same names. The Hustler achievement may also be named after the practice of hustling a competitive game in general.
  • When loading the Aztec table for the first time in a playing session, a progress box appears that says, "Climbing out of the Jungle into the mountains...". When the progress bar reaches approximately 90% (after a few seconds), it changes to read "Catching breath!". This box will not appear again during a playing session until a table other than Aztec has been used.
  • When taking a shot while playing on the Plasma table, there is an audible energy/power effect that increases and decreases in pitch as you adjust your shot power meter, most noticeably when your meter is in the red.
  • There is a current glitch where you can chat to other people during a game without opening the chat bar by pressing tab. You can type when it's closed and then press enter to send the message. People who use the bird's-eye view by pressing space will notice that if they send any messages, it will have a large gap between words. Jagex have not yet resolved this problem.
  • On the 28th of October 2009, Pool became fully available to free players.

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