And It Costs How Much
And It Costs How Much-large
Description Unlock the Golem-class DEATH nuclear warhead by completing the co-op game
Game Steel Sentinels
Members? Yes Seasonal? No
Hidden? Yes Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 1000 Orb Coins 10 Orb Coins 10

Here are two methods to complete the co-op game, one of which can be done using only basic gear obtained through a few missions:

Method 1: Flak camping Edit

Have you and your partner equip Flak Cannons (cannons are better than repeaters) on one chassis and as many non-interceptable weapons (i.e. not rockets, missiles or fire bombs) on another, make sure both have repair system equipped. Bring a shield if need be, but not cloak, because constant firing will render cloak useless. Begin the game and check for a cave on the side of the map (so it has only one entrance) and have the flaker shoot flak cannons out while the other shoots their weapons out. Be careful, because certain drones and the orbitals encountered in the later stages are immune to damage caused by flak weaponry, and the Babel at the end has 2000 kPm worth of shields.

Method 2: Babels Edit

With two Babels, it would be a joke, but it's do-able with a single Babel, just use ultra guns and remove the reactors and capacitors, put the defence bonus modules on stead, and don't forget a repair system. Camp under some ground so you can avoid some missiles and mortar shots. AMARDS could also be useful with ultra guns. A targeting system helps since it will aim your ultra guns to the same spot. Of course, most other configs would also do fine

The disadvantage with this however is that your tech value is extremely high leading to a very little point gain, so don't keep your hopes high to gain a high score using this method, especially over 100k.

method 3: ultra guns and flakEdit

Equip 2 flak cannons and a ultra gun on to one chassis, and lots of plasma on the other chassis. Find a good cave that should protect you from all areal attacks and have the person with flak and ultra gun shoot flak out the entrance. Use ultra guns for the orbitals and valhalla and have the plasma chassis shoot at the babel till they have an energy loss. if the babel is not dead by now, target the babel and use ultra gun to destroy it. The babel can easily kill you when it is facing you, so stay close and never face it.

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