Steel Sentinels Conqueror large
Description Destroy Ba'al
Game Steel Sentinels
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? Yes Secret? No
Orb Points Orbpoints 1000 Orb Coins 10 Orb Coins 10

Ba'al is an AI-controlled gold Babel. He appears in rated Zone games if all (human) participants are "worthy" (by some criteria that are not known to the player community). In early appearances, a gold border around the scoreboard indicated that he would arrive in this game, but an update removed the gold border, presumably to reduce the occurrence of players looking for Ba'al quitting games immediately if the gold border did not appear. Once a player has been visited by Ba'al, that player must reprove his/her worthiness to see him again.

He appears when any player in the game reaches 500/1000 points in Standard/Advanced Tech level respectively. He appears to have more than the usual amount of Babel health, and more modules than the default Babel set.

Destroying Ba'al earns the "Boss killer" tag, in addition to the Conqueror achievement.

Strategies Edit

It is recommended that both players focus on destroying Ba'al. Players may die multiple times, and need to be persistent.

  • Members:
    • A Bertha with three Doomsday cannons, and another Babel with Ultra Guns or Doomsday cannons.
    • A Bertha with 2 Solaris Lasers, 1 EMP Cannon, Mirage, and High-Energy Amplifier. (If you get close enough, this may grant you a 1-hit-kill, although it will probably completely drain you of energy.)

Be careful not to get close to Ba'al; if you do, he will kill you very quickly. Repeatedly running at him with ultra-guns has worked well for some people. Targeting is useful from a long distance.

Ba'al seems to have a blind spot a short distance in front of him, where he is unable to hit you with any weapons. This is useful for gunners, especially with the Walton Mirage Device.


Ba'al has several variants of dialogue that are given at different points in a battle. Many seem to be references to other works of fiction.

Some examples are given below, but there are several others.

Ba'al victoriousEdit

"This world is mine."

"Woe to the conquered."

"Proceed on your way to oblivion."

Ba'al defeatedEdit


"Not Yet!"


"Is this all there is?"


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