Missile Defender
Missile Defender large
Description Collect 100 'Most Interceptions' tags in Rated games
Game Steel Sentinels
Members? No Seasonal? No
Hidden? No Secret? Yes
Orb Points Orbpoints 100 Orb Coins Icon orbcoins 1

Hardly anyone brings AMARDS for some reason. Because of this, all you'll need to do is equip your main Rated-game bot with (a) Reticulan Head, (b) one Flak Repeater in the head's slot, and (c) AMARDS, and you'll get the tag around 80-90% of the time. Warning: this should be obvious, but if no opponents have rockets or firebombs you won't get the tag.

It'll take a while to get the ach this way, but there's no effective faster way besides spamming flak, which will get you endlessly cussed out game after game.

Although if you're using Heavy Flak, you could combine AMARDS with that build to go for the Most Gun/Flak Kills tag.

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